VIDEO: Lion attacks toddler in live TV show

The frightening video was recorded in 2007 but has gone viral now

News Desk August 11, 2016
Screen grab of the video showing a lion cub attacking a toddler during a live TV show.

Can anything be more scaring than a lion attacking a toddler on a live TV show with its jaws trying to pulverise the kid’s body?

A video of such an incident has gone viral on social media, which shows a Mexican programme being broadcast with a few guests, including a small kid sitting on her mother’s lap.

The video seems to be normal and things under control at the outset but out of the blue, a lion cub, also being featured in the programme, attacks the kid when she started whining.

Woman saves son from being mauled by mountain lion

The toddler cries in terror and everyone panics. However, the trainer immediately tries to help the little kid and succeeds in getting it off her.

The video concludes with the trainer leaving the camera view with the lion cub. Another trainer hugs the mother to apologise and calm her down.

This frightening happening was recorded in 2007 for a Mexican TV show named Con Sello de Mujer but went viral recently.

The article originally appeared in Daily Mail


BrainBro | 7 years ago | Reply I saw the video. The mexicans were smiling afterwards. Retards!
ShamelessPakistanis | 7 years ago | Reply Why stupidity? its freedom. When anyone in west/gora does something we should blindly follow as well. because we have the freedom to do it.
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