World Cup anthems

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka get into the groove.

Rafay Mahmood February 08, 2011

KARACHI: It’s been awhile since something worth celebrating has happened in the sub continent, but the cricket world cup which is around the corner is the perfect event to bring joy the region and it has two uniting factors; cricket and music.

It is interesting to note what happens when both the sport and music collaborate and produce nothing short of a hyped cricket anthem. Each one of us remembers the 1992 Cricket World Cup anthem and it’s catchy tune still resonates in our hearts till today.

This time has been no exception to the trend, an official International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup theme song has been composed and it seems that other host nations are also accustomed to this growing form of entertainment. So let’s peruse through the east to see how other countries are showing their love for cricket.

India’s ‘De Ghuma Ke’

“De Ghuma Ke” is the official ICC song for the world which has been composed by the famous Indian trio Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy. Unfortunately, the song has been a big disappointment and something that was not expected from the trio who have won awards for their music in Dil Chahta Hai. The biggest problem with the song is that it seems that the musicians forgot that they were composing a World Cup anthem and were in fact working to collaborate a Bollywood item number.

However, on a positive note the song has got a catchy tune and makes use of heavy bass guitars accompanied by the dhol which gives it a very desi feel and gets one’s blood pumping.

The chorus of the song “De Ghuma Ke” is the best part as the term brings in a local element and gives a more colloquial feel.

The song also brings back a strong element of another Bollywood number, “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom”.

However, the only difference is that the video for the film had glamour shots of Lara Dutta and Preity Zinta dancing while the ICC song is brimming with cricketers.

All in all, it was felt that the lyrics for the song could have been much better to give it that spark which would draw in the crowd.

Bangladesh’s “Shoto Asha”

People from Bangladesh might not be the best of cricketers but they stole the show by creating the best 2011 Cricket World Cup anthem.

Composed by a popular Bengali rock band, Shunno the track “Shoto Asha” has what it takes to be a catchy cricket anthem. Even those who don’t understand the language can hum along the song.

The overall beat of the song is very energetic and the melody has an impeccable arrangement which complements the musical composition. The song is filled with the pumped aggression required to make it worthy for an anthem song and encourages all  emotions needed to make it a perfect song for the team.

Srilanka’s “Enna Enna”

Composed by a Srilanka pop icon Mahiru Perera the song  “Enna Enna“ is a catchy sound track but feelings seem to be influenced by Bollywood.

The melody of the song itself is very upbeat and the use of vocals and custom made sound effects gives it a very funky feel. It doesn’t fall into any specific genre but is definitely a track that will make you get to your feet and dance.

Pakistan’s “Jazba”

Ali Zafar failed to avail the opportunity of giving Pakistan a catchy anthem despite having a mesmerising chorus. As a result, the song falls short in comparison to “Jazba Juoon” by Junoon. The arrangement of the song was weak and the song lacked the grandeur that an anthem is supposed to inject listeners with. While no one doubts Ali Zafar’s vocal skills, there is nothing captivating about the song.

However, the video managed to capture the youth’s energy, spirit and capitalises on the national flags colours. The video that started off on a high note with beautiful shots of a cricket stadium it ended with a sudden walk towards the ground.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 9th, 2011.


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tonima | 10 years ago | Reply didnt get it... "shoto asha" shouldnt be the offical theam song of ICC world cup... theam song shuld be all over same.. language can be varifies.... "SHOTO ASHA" is presented by Grameen Phone...
zee | 10 years ago | Reply I agree with those not in favour of jazba , it is not as boosting as those produced in past .
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