Food, laughter and Saad Haroon

I didn't know Haroon is famous for picking on his audience, this event was no exception.

Saadia Qamar February 07, 2011

KARACHI: Karachi's relatively new restaurant, Cafe 76, made the most of the ending winter with Sunday brunch in the garden with stand-up comedian Saad Haroon.

I didn't know that Haroon is famous for picking on his audience but that's exactly what he does and this event was no exception. Haroon made the audience howl with laughter and spared no one in his tirade, especially not Pakistan's celebrities. "Have you noticed how Shoaib Akhtar has moved from Rawalpindi Express to Pizza Express?" and "Boom, Boom Afridi - which is definitely good sign for cricket but certainly not when you are near the airport and it signals, boom, boom!"

Finding humour in everything, including Pakistani mentality, Haroon said Pakistani's are constantly littering to such an extent that, "Citizens hope that these tetra packs of fruit juices will form a Burj al-Fruito." Controversial topics are Haroon's forte and he tried to convince the audience that, "Santa Claus is definitely a part of Taliban; he has a big beard, lives in the north and works with little boys."

This was a onetime event with Saad Haroon but while there may be a little less laughter, Cafe 76 will be offering brunch on Saturday and Sunday this week onwards.

Events like these are much needed in Pakistan where eating and watching films seems to be the only entertainment available. Humorous, likeable and witty, Haroon was a huge hit and one looks forward to attending another one of his shows soon.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 8th, 2011.


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I am a responsible and civilized citizen of Pakistan | 10 years ago | Reply Only one other comment along with mine? Where are the other guys? Thanks for Sharing Ayesha. BTW is he a good comedian?
Ayesha | 10 years ago | Reply youtube 'saad haroon'...he has his own channel on Youtube!
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