'BBA grad' waiter assaults customer at Lahore eatery

The restaurant has apologised for the incident saying they had hired the waiter with due diligence

News Desk July 31, 2016
Photo: Rina's kitchenette/Facebook

A "hot headed" waiter at a restaurant in Lahore's DHA allegedly assaulted a customer before fleeing the place on Friday.

Rina's kitchenette's management issued an apology on Saturday after a video of the incident went viral on social media. In the video recorded by an eye-witness, the waiter can be seen smashing a wooden board in a customer's face after he complained his food was not served on time. The waiter then escaped leaving the customer with a bloody face. The footage has since been deleted upon the victim's request.

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"I was just sitting at Rina's kitchenette with my family when one of the waiters just slashed a wooden board on a customers face right across our table three times and then broke a glass on the other table where another family was sitting," an eye-witness, Shayan Malik, posted on Facebook.

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Another eye-witness, Irfan Ahmad, also took to Facebook sharing a similar account of the event and further saying that the customer had not verbally or physically abused the waiter. "I was sitting on the table next to the victims. My 13-month-old kid was almost crushed under the victim as he fell unconscious. The waiter went out of his way and for no reason he smashed the wooden tray on his head."

Ahmad went on to say, "The victim only wanted to meet the manager because they kept him waiting for 40 minutes for their order and then said the particular food was not available."

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The restaurant has apologised for the incident, saying,"The truth is that there is no other side of the story; there is no excuse for violence. The waiter was hot headed and acted in rage and we strongly believe that there is no amount of provocation that justifies his act."

The management further said they had hired the waiter with all due diligence. "The waiter in question was a BBA grad and was currently doing his MBA from a local university in Lahore. He was well mannered, groomed and had worked in some of the top restaurants in Lahore. He was recently let go of from a restaurant along with 30 other people due to downsizing. He went through a rigorous interview process and was on the third day of his trial period at the restaurant."

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shiraz | 4 years ago | Reply The customer must have been a punjabi;tgey are angry and prejuidice to even thier shadow.Ate east pkistan,now three provinces and even punjabi christian abd ahmdis. The seraiki belt and neughbouring countrues are sick of them.
Mak | 4 years ago | Reply The customer is not always right. I worked with a top retail store in UK and I was told that if I wish, I don't have to deal with a customer who is rude to me. I am sure that the customer must have said something to annoy the poor waiter, I can bet all my money on it. A wise man once said, you can judge a person based on how he treats people he's superior to...
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