Microsoft wins race to release first 4K video game console

The new console is a slimmed down version of Xbox One which is set to be released in US on August 2

News Desk July 19, 2016

For all hardcore console gamers, the toughest choice is deciding between Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. Hence, the competition between the two firms is also intense, with both trying to outdo each other in whatever way they can.

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When it comes to 4K consoles, however, Xbox seem to have won the race with the Xbox One S is set to be released in the United States on August 2. The new console is a slimmed down version of the Xbox One, with the added capability of being able to play 4K movies and using high dynamic range (HDR) video standard for a more rich viewing experience.

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It is a massive redesign, with the new console coming in a colour called robot white, and being 40% slimmer than its predecessor despite having a built-in power supply. This redesign is reflective of the trend of releasing smaller more power efficient versions of consoles. The new Xbox also comes with a redesigned controller, built for greater grip and range.

Microsoft has also made other small adjustments to the console in order to make it easier to connect other AV devices like speakers to the device. For this purpose, the new Xbox also features an Infra-red blaster.

The new device will start at $400, and will come 2TB of storage, while 1TB and 500GB models are also expected to be released soon. This is the first major console release since 2013 and Microsoft will be hoping that this device will give them the edge against Sony, who are yet to announce the release date of their 4K device, the PlayStation Neo.

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The next step for Microsoft is to bring 4K technology to games, and not just videos. Their project Scorpio is due to be released in 2017 and will have 4K gaming. Till then they will hope that the Xbox One S will be enough to capture a significant market share from Sony, who’s PS3 dwarfed the Xbox One in sales.

This article originally appeared on The Guardian.


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