Gaurav Gera pays heartfelt tribute to Qandeel Baloch

The internet sensation says he was a fan and is shocked

Entertainment Desk July 18, 2016
The internet sensation says he was a fan and is shocked.

Indian social media star Gaurav Gera has expressed grief over Qandeel Baloch's murder. The internet sensation, who rose to fame with his 'Shopkeeper-Chutki' videos, shared a heartfelt message on Facebook regretting not making a video for Qandeel when she asked him.

"I was just browsing the internet last year, when suddenly I came across Qandeel's videos. I started watching a few videos and found them weird. But still that girl managed to make me curious about herself," he said.

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"I had an urge to know more about her so then I searched her on Google. I saw more of her interviews on some Pakistani morning shows on YouTube."

"I was very shocked because she was bold and fearless. And she used to say things that surprised me, like how does she do that."

Gaurav admitted that he was a fan. "She used to defy normal and that is what made me her fan."

"I used to watch her videos on Facebook and also see the hate she received in the form of negative comments. People used to write, 'Hope you die', 'Hope you rot in hell'. I am sure she would read those comments but still she went on, she knew what she was doing.

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"She grabbed the attention of millions of people. She was a different person in her interviews than her videos. In her videos, she was coy and silly."

He also said that Qandeel's murder has left him shaken. "The news has actually shaken me up because I was her fan and I don't think she deserved this regardless of what she was."

"And this is called 'honour killing'. Where's the honour? There's no honour in killing. This is not done, this is not OK. I am not going to say that honour killing has taken place in Pakistan. It happens in India too. It's just that honour killing is stupid," he added.

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"I am feeling very uncomfortable. I think she deserved to live. Rest in peace Qandeel."

Here's the complete video:


dude | 5 years ago | Reply I was her big fan. Sad she was killed better she should have migrated to India.
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