‘Spread Peace through Love’: A steal for art collectors

After two months of dormancy, Jharoka Art Gallery re-emerged with a bang.

Momina Sibtain February 04, 2011

ISLAMABAD: After two months of dormancy, Jharoka Art Gallery re-emerged with a bang.

Nahida Raza of Jharoka outdid herself by displaying some very exquisite art works by M H Sulehri. After working under the guidance of renowned artist Iqbal Mehdi, Sulehri presented his collection “Spread Peace through Love”.

The 21-piece collection of vibrant paints is being showcased at Jharoka till February 10.

“Peace and Love are two things that are badly needed in our world today,” explained Sulehri, “Artists are extra sensitive about what is happening around them. When they suffer from a situation’s bitterness, they either go into depression or show the world some hope by painting on themes such as peace and love.”

The artist depicts peace and love with beautiful colours, flowers and femininity, which is the most attractive aspect of nature.

The artist’s command on the paintbrush is very professional and the canvas space has been artfully used. Sulehri uses expressionism to articulate his feelings through figures and flowers. The strokes used to create the lines filling up the space are not only strong but also add movement to the pieces.

As a result, instead of falling flat, the paintings come to life and engage the viewer in an enticing journey through the artist’s feelings.

The continuity and connection that the artist makes with the lines is a commendable experiment and defines the active area of the paintings. The details of the active areas, the faces and the flowers, have been filled in using pointillism, while the rest of the area is filled with splashes of paint.

The vibrant colours and the artistic hue of Sulehri’s work are not only aesthetically pleasing but also commercially viable. The nominally-priced collection is a must see for everyone and a steal for an avid art collector.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 4th, 2011.


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