This Muslim victim refused to abandon his friends during Dhaka carnage

Faraz didn't leave because two of his friends, who were wearing Western clothes, were not allowed to exit the site

News Desk July 03, 2016
Faraz Hossain. PHOTO: TWITTER @Hritohri

A Muslim student, who is among the victims of Dhaka carnage, refused to abandon his friends and was killed alongside others despite being given a chance to leave.

Faraz Hossain, a Bangladeshi who studied at Emory University in the United States, was killed with his college fellow Abinta Kabir.

His nephew Hishaan has revealed that Faraz was given a chance to desert his friends to save his life along with women who were observing hijabs, but he declined the offer and preferred staying with his friend.

Da’ish militants kill 20 hostages at Dhaka café

It has emerged that he refused to leave because two of his friends, who were wearing Western clothes, were not allowed to exit the carnage site during the hostage situation. He chose to stay and was eventually slaughtered.

It was later learnt the militants were allowing people to leave if they could recite Quran.

Gunmen attacked the upscale cafe in the diplomatic area of Dhaka late on July 1 and had been holding about 20 hostages, including foreigners, before police poured into the building to try to free those stuck inside. At least two police were killed, authorities said.

Indian teenager among 20 killed in Dhaka cafe siege

Bangladesh began observing two days of national mourning on Sunday after 20 hostages were killed at a restaurant packed with foreigners in a terrifying escalation of a campaign of attacks by religious extremists.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina decreed the mourning period as she vowed to drag Bangladesh back from the brink, warning of a concerted bid to turn one of the world’s most populous nations into a failed state.

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IamSimpleMuslim | 5 years ago | Reply Those who kill people and slaughter them, dont belong to islam. You say they are Muslim But reality is they are not even human.. They are not Muslims they are Psychopaths... Islam don't teach us to kill people. In fact islam teaches us how important is to take care of even birds, animal then how is this possible it teaches us such unhuman things... Reality is, islam was completed 1400 years back.. Now they say islam told them to kill people... Cm'on guys don't involve or blame islam for this act...
Gambhir | 5 years ago | Reply I can understand the trauma that Islamic countries face whenever such an incident happens. An unstated collective grief, even guilt, engulfs the hearts: The whole world looks at them with disapproval and contempt. Yet, to emphasise the word Muslim, as it was done here, is pandering to a dangerous naiveté. First of all, many policemen and army men who fought the terrorists were Muslims. Secondly, if you rejoice, or seek solace in the Muslim hostage who refused to abandon his friends, you should also be ready and willing to take brick bats for the terrorists who were undoubtedly Muslim. The more sensible thing is to marginalise these terrorists in your society. Aren't they getting funded by the society. The next thing is to treat them, and those who support them as criminals and punish them ruthlessly.
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