Can’t afford silver or gold? Worry not!

Shehnaz Mahmood May 06, 2010

FAISALABAD: Diamonds may no longer be a girl’s best friend, given the economic recession that still haunts one’s bank account.

But forget diamonds - gold, silver and even gold-plated jewellery has all seen a hike in prices. But there is yet another alternative to them all. Faisalabad-based Saman is one of those entrepreneurs for whom the economic slump brought forth a new opportunity. Innovating with new materials, the she introduced a new range of jewellery with affordable prices.

Launched around three months ago, with an average necklace priced between Rs100-150, Saman’s creative jewellery line has been received well. “This jewellery has a very high demand and it sells really well,” a shopkeeper told Express News. A large part of Saman’s jewellery line is made by women being trained by her. It is prepared with the help of dough containing glue, starch, oil paint and lemon juice.

Once the material is moulded into shapes with the help of scissors, threads and wooden sticks, artificial gemstones and beads are then inserted into it. Unlike other jewellery that loses its lustre after being washed, Saman’s jewellery line can be washed. They can also be customised. Though usually used as casual trinkets, these items can also be worn at formal occasions when complemented with ample gemstones.

Saman told Express News, “This type of jewellery, created with such adeptness, reflects innovation with affordability. Girls these days are very particular about their clothes and jewellery. For them, it is easy to wear and durable. “ One of Saman’s students revealed what motivated her to learn jewellery-making, “I like to wear jewellery that matches the colours of my clothes but it is not affordable for me to buy so much jewellery, which is why I have started learning this art.

I really appreciate Saman’s efforts to facilitate us.” Besides making jewellery an affordable part of women’s accessories, this artificial jewellery has also provided a source of income for women working for Saman’s business.


Zaigham Ali | 14 years ago | Reply Pakistanis can do wonder if opportunity given to them. Good show Saman entrepreneur.
Syed A. Mateen | 14 years ago | Reply Well done Saman. There are jewellers in the market who are now-a-days renting originally jewellery made of gold to such customers who are known to them.
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