US Consulate denies knowledge of SUV in Lahore shooting

US Consulate tells CCPO that Raymond Davis is a diplomat working in Pakistan as protestors take to the streets.

Express February 02, 2011

LAHORE: The US Consulate on Wednesday said it had no link to, or knowledge of, either the SUV or the occupants of the vehicle that crushed to death one person after the shooting incident in the city in which an American citizen shot and killed two people.

Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Muhammad Aslam Tarin, who paid a visit to the US Consulate to discuss the case with the Consul General, was told by officials there that Raymond Davis was a diplomat working in Pakistan under the full cover of diplomatic immunity granted to him under the Geneva Convention.

Davis has a diplomatic passport: Malik

Interior Minister Rehman Malik told the senate that Raymond Davis had a diplomatic passport and he was given a Pakistani visa after security clearance.

He said that the federal government did not intend to influence the case, adding that the media was intentionally trying to create misunderstanding between the provincial and federal governments.

Malik said that Davis' name had been placed on the Exit Control List as ordered by the Lahore High Court.

‘Only Foreign Office should issue visas’

Opposition leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, while addressing the session of the lower house today said that visas to foreigners should only be issued by the Foreign Office.

He pointed out that visas were currently being issued by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the Foreign Office, the Interior Ministry, the Presidency and the Prime Minister's House.

He also said that the government should avoid trying to give an impression that it is giving in to American pressure in the Davis case.

Relatives refuse to pardon shooter

Relatives of the three men killed, who held a joint news conference in Lahore today, said that they refused to pardon the shooter, adding that the American embassy should hand over other officials involved in the incident to the police.

They also said that they had been offered American visas for withdrawing the case, which they would not accept, instead demanding that the court should rule on the case.

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vicky | 10 years ago | Reply at last america wins and Get Pakistani justice in the pocket with the blady dollars ............. This is just because of our blady politition which is deputed to serve american Govt not to help full ever for pakistanin .........
n | 10 years ago | Reply @American, Well, allow me to tell you something here. America is paying for the services they require of Pakistan. This is called "trade". So no favour is being done here to Pakistan! if America thinks that if they trade with a country they do a favour then they need to wake up and understand that they have a NEED too and so the services are taken. Sorry to say, America is not paying for any Pakistani's lunch at all. Our civilians and troops are sacrificing their lives in these operations to let America have lunch. You are right we have no money and no will and just a negative threat. How will we be able to generate money if the Army that is just working on your so called WAR ON TERROR takes up 65% of budget to provide America services. In return America pays by giving a loan. Excuse me, when you pay for a service that does not have to be a loan? We have no will. Will for what? Will to help you? Or you mean every Pakistani should write their will and wait for the drone. Please note AMERICAN CIVILIANS are not dying in war on terror. PAKISTANI CIVILIANS are being killed in this war. This war is imposed on us. We were living peacefully before this war. This war has been imposed on us and has caused a lot of hassle. People are not happy about it and its been so long they have been living in this state of mind that they have lost will. So before you criticize Pak for not having will you need to understand why it extinguished. Once the war ends Pak will be peaceful! Regarding the "negative threat". Every threat is negative so no need to lay a wrong kind of emphasis. We all know as you sow so shall you reap. When Pak and US are on different lines there comes a threat of restructuring loans so that Pak gets more indebted. Every nuclear power is a threat to another country so that's not a trait just associated with Pakistan. Pakistan and China are neighbours and have a wonderful relationship. Pakistan imposes no threat to China. So your claim "Threat of creating mayhem in neighboring countries.' is weigh less. Now, if you come to Pak-India relations that is not US business (however, US loves to make every business it's own)! So no point stressing on something that is out of scope of this discussion. regarding "Threat of sending terrorists to USA, UK and other countries". Thank you for reacting in the similar fashion by sending Davis down to shoot till death two civilians. USA just proved to be so like Pakistan on this isnt it? Who understands better than a Pakistani what extremism is. America is not facing suicide bombing due to war on terror. Pakistan is paying that price as a favour to America. All we are looking for is a normal life. A life free of this war. A war is supposed to safeguard the interests of civilians. This war is killing civilians. You are after one guy and look you have turned the land red with blood killing so many civilians. So whom do you think is being an extremist?
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