Artists demand security post Amjad Sabri killing

Published: June 24, 2016
Fakhre Alam says will start major movement if concerns not addressed.

Fakhre Alam says will start major movement if concerns not addressed. PHOTO: FILE

The untimely death of Amjad Sabri has left many of his fans and contemporaries heartbroken and shattered, leading to a rise in demand for security.

Pakistani celebrities, in a recent video have banded together to raise their voice about the VIP culture and lack of basic security.

Thousands bid farewell to Amjad Sabri

Fakhr-e-Alam, along with Faakhir, Maria Wasti, Faysal Qureshi, Neelum Munir and many others addressed officials on social media.

“There is no one to take care of our safety in any way whatsoever,” expressed Fakhr-e-Alam. “The ‘high-profile’ government officials get away with having hefty protocol because they claim that they are public figures and their lives are at stake at all instances, but what about people like us? Realistically, we are under a more vivid lime light,” said the artist.

He further added that it is evident from Amjad Sabri’s massive funeral that he was a ‘high profile’ human being, and most of the artists belonging to the entertainment industry are as famous as these VIP politicians.

A friend to all, Sabri had a humongous crowd at his funeral.

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“Under the same logic provided to us (citizens), we believe we are more prominent figures than you are and we deserve the same bulletproof cars and the same security measures,” he continued, “If you are unable to provide us with the same then you must return your escort and protocol back to the government.”

“To feel that you and us are the same on Karachi’s vulnerable streets, you must take this action, and if you fail to comply then we will begin to intensify our protest.”

By recognising the importance of a regular civilian’s life as compared to those who are a part of the VIP culture in Pakistan, the video has gone viral.

There has been no response from the government as of yet.

Journalists also joined hands and showed support on Twitter

Watch the video here:

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