Sadiq Khan breaks longest fast of the year on EU debate stage

Muslims living in London were required to fast from 2:40am until 9:24pm on Wednesday

News Desk June 23, 2016
Muslims living in London were required to fast from 2:40am until 9:24pm. PHOTO: REUTERS


The summer solstice can't shake London Mayor Sadiq Khan's dedication to his faith. The recently elected mayor participated in BBC's EU debate in Wembley Stadium, while fasting on the longest day of the year.

Despite frequently raising his voice to make himself heard, Khan did not drink water or eat for over 19 hours, a spokesperson confirmed.

Sadiq Khan tears into pro-Brexit campaigners

Muslims living in London were required to fast from 2:40am until 9:24pm on Wednesday, following which Khan broke his fast on stage in the high-stakes referendum campaign.

"Enjoyed making the positive case to stay in the EU on BBC Debate. And yes - I did break my fast on stage Ramadan," Khan said on Twitter.

Debating on the hot issue of immigration, Khan was opposed to former London Mayor Boris Jonhson.

He won the hearts of the crowd when he said, “The problem is this, Boris. You might start off by saying how wonderful immigration is. But your campaign hasn’t been Project Fear, it’s been Project Hate as far as immigration is concerned.”

Fasting won't be easy in Ramazan: Sadiq Khan

However, Johnson retaliated by saying that he was “a passionate believer in immigration but it has got to be controlled.” He further expressed his desire to introduce the Australian-approach towards immigration in London, through which they can get the people they 'need'.

Khan immediately responded by pointing out how Australia's level of immigration is twice that of Britain.

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