KFC's new box of chicken can charge phones

KFC's 'Watt-a-box' comes with built in outlets and cables for charging your smartphone

News Desk June 23, 2016

KFC, the master of fried chicken, has come up with an ingenious method to allow customers to charge their phones while they have dinner.

The fast food giant gas launched a meal box in India which allows you to charge your phone while you eat. The meal box known as ‘Watt a Box’ has a compartment for food, a built-in power bank and leads for plugging in your phone.

The ‘Watt a Box’ is compatible with iPhones and Androids.

People in New Delhi and Mumbai can try out the limited edition box by winning a contest on KFC’s Facebook page, according to the Times of India.

The meal box comes with a 6,100mAh powerbank. The power bank is removable, so you can use it while on the go. Technically it is enough to fully charge two phones; however, BGR India found that many of the boxes didn't offer enough juice for even one phone.

KFC introduces edible nail polish

KFC India’s CMO Lluis Ruiz Ribot said they created the box to save customers the hassle of the dreaded dead phone battery. Ribot said the company “launched the 5-in-1 Meal Box in March this year with the objective of providing an abundant complete meal and at an affordable price for our customers. With the launch of Watt a Box, we have gone a step ahead and also introduced an element of utility into the box. Each one of us spends a considerable time on our smartphones daily, and the phone battery going dead is almost like a nightmare! No longer is that the case, with the Watt a Box around.”

This is not the first time KFC introduced something out of the box.

Earlier in May, KFC took their popular slogan ‘Finger lickin’ good,’ to a whole new level.

The fast food chain took a bold step by introducing edible nail polish for customers in Hong Kong. The nail polish comes in two flavors and colors: Original (beige) and Hot & Spicy (red). Like any other nail polish, customers are supposed to paint their nails with it, let it dry, and then lick it.

This article originally appeared on the Times of India.


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