When Qandeel Baloch met Mufti Qavi: A guideline on how NOT to learn Islam

The two have very different stories to tell

Entertainment Desk June 22, 2016
The two have very different stories to tell. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

Celebrities have been yearning to get closer to their religion lately with the help of popular religious scholars. While Hamza Ali Abbasi met with Junaid Jamshed to discuss Islam, social media sensation Qandeel Baloch turned to Mufti Abdul Qavi to learn more about her faith.

Qandeel and Mufti sahab's interaction however, wreaked havoc across all kinds of social media platforms after photos of the two of them meeting in a hotel room went viral online, begging the question: Why would a religious man privately meet with Qandeel in a hotel room if a discussion on Islam was on the agenda?

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For future reference, here is what an appropriate meeting looks like:

Notice how everyone is wearing their OWN topis.


And here's Qandeel with Mufti sahab:

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Naturally, criticism of their inappropriate behaviour has spread like wild fire, and judging from interviews, the two have very different stories to tell.

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Here's a breakdown of their arguments:

The two met on Raja Matlub's show Ajeeb Sa (a fitting name), where Mufti sahab promised to sight the new moon with her.

"She said 'You will have to come to my place' but I demanded I will come to meet her only on the condition that she will fast the whole month of Ramazan," revealed Mufti sahab.

Upon his insistence, Qandeel organised a meeting with the scholar at a hotel. The Mufti insists that he was waiting for her in the hotel lobby, but when she didn't show up on time, he went to his room. Qandeel then appeared at his door.

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While the Mufti claims he was fasting during their meeting, Qandeel insists, "He asked me if I am fasting or not, I clearly told him I’m not. He then asked me what I want to eat. I told him I need a cigarette so he gave me one. Then he shared everything I was having, the cigarette, my coke and tea. He said this will increase our love. What kind of love is he trying to increase?"


"I was sitting on another sofa, she came and sat beside me. She took my hat herself. I didn’t give it to her. She didn’t have a dupatta so she wanted to wear that hat... It is true that I sent her an invitation to meet but it was her decision to meet me in the room," said Mufti Abdul Qavi.

Qandeel has also stated that not only did the Mufti act inappropriately, he proposed to her.

"He said he has released a fatwa related to nikkah and marriages whereby a man can do several nikkahs but just one marriage. He said he has done 17 nikkahs and will do the 18th with me. He will give me whatever I ask for in return of this act," said Qandeel.

In a poor attempt to defend himself, the Mufti insisted, "I have never spoken about nikkah or marriage with Qandeel. Keeping in mind this sacred month, I would say Allah knows well, if either of us are lying. I met her considering Veena Malik’s example in mind, I believed she would change for the better after meeting me. That was my only reason to meet her."

And we all remember how well his interaction with Veena Malik went (note: sarcasm).

Whoever's story is true, it's safe to say Mufti Abdul Qavi shouldn't be your go-to guy for religious education.

Check out their full argument:

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Junaid Raza | 7 years ago | Reply I think she was forced to do all the stuff to get fame. As a result she was strangled by her brother in Multan.
Abdullah | 7 years ago | Reply Instead he should have helped her correct her life.
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