Indian man who 'slept with 55 brides' dies lonely death

Published: June 14, 2016

An Indian man who allegedly had sex with 55 brides before running off with their jewellery has died in the Nimbalkot village of Sindhari, India.

Jiyaram Jat, 54, who was called ‘Jamai Raja’ in police files had been involved in over 18 cases as investigated by Barmer police since 1994.

He passed away on Saturday and was cremated by the police.

Police said said Jat was nabbed in 2004 in a molestation case when he acquiesced he had preyed on 55 brides.

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During interrogation, Jat claimed he would only target small households where a young girl was ready to become an adult – ‘gauna’ – having been married as a child in the past.

Child marriage is still prevalent in many parts of India such as western Rajasthan. Families send their daughters when they become adults after marrying them in childhood. The practice is called ‘gauna’.

Jat targeted houses when women would be all alone.

“He would walk into such households after nightfall and introduce himself as the girl’s husband. Since she was married in childhood, she wouldn’t recognise him,” the officer said.

He would then have sex with the bride and leave with jewellery before dawn.

Police also shared that many families did not report the incidents owing to fear of bad reputation in the community.

Jat was finally busted in 2013 – second time and the last – when he was about to target another household in Bheelon Ki Dhani, near Chilanadi village.

The article originally appeared on Hindustan Times

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