6 things you didn't know about Salman Khan's 'Sultan'

The trailer of the highly anticipated film has been launched

Entertainment Desk May 25, 2016
At the trailer launch, Salman revealed several interesting facts about his upcoming film. PHOTO: YAH RAJ FILMS

The Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer Sultan has finally released its trailer, revealing a much deeper story than just a muscular Salman Khan wrestling in the dirt.

At the trailer launch, Salman revealed several interesting facts about his upcoming film.

1. Most of the fights in the movie are real

"When Ali narrated the story to me, I thought I'll be able to do it. But then while doing it, opposite me were not fighters but real wrestlers. Most of the shots in the film are real, wrestlers and mixed martial arts, there are no cables and because of them there is lot of contact happening in the film. When they lift you and put to the ground it used to hurt," IANS reports Salman as saying at the trailer launch.

Screengrab from the trailer of 'Sultan'

2. Salman and Anushka's love affair in the movie falls flat

"He (Sultan) is a simple man who has no ambition. He sees a feisty girl and falls in love with her. She's a wrestler, he's a nobody but he feels whenever I get married, it will be with her. That falls flat because she is so strong-headed. She missunderstands him.

Then it's all about Sultan, how he goes down, and how he comes back with the help of the woman he loves. How the woman is responsible for making him, breaking him and because of her how he starts making it again," Salman revealed at the event on Tuesday.

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Salman and Anushka in a screengrab from the trailer of 'Sultan'

3. Training for Sultan took a toll on Salman

One of the fittest stars in Bollywood, Salman Khan went through intensive training of wrestling and mixed martial arts for the movie with international action director Larnell Stovall.

"When a wrestler trains he trains for 2-3 hours and then 2-3 hours again in the evening, then training for MMA, and 6-7 hours of shoot every day non-stop, fighting non-stop. So those six hours in those lights and training, that used to take a toll," Salman explains.

Salman Khan in 'Sultan.' PHOTO: YASH RAJ FILMS

4. The story of Sultan is not based on a real-life character

When asked if the story was inspired by a real-life character, Salman responded, "No, it's not from anywhere. This is from his (director Ali Abbas Zafar's) mind. It is the story of an underdog."

'Sultan' teaser shows Salman Khan in top form

5. Salman Khan felt violated while shooting for Sultan

"The most difficult part was the langot. Now, I understand what the actress goes through when they wear swim suit. When I was told I have to wear a langot, I thought I can do that. When I reached there, we saw like a 5,000 crowd and I was like no way I am doing this. While I was walking out of the vanity van, I was in tears... I felt violated," Salman told IANS.

"I was never ashamed while removing my shirt but this was the most difficult thing and thank God, people got used to it," he continued.

'Sultan' teaser 2 shows Anushka Sharma in beast mode

Screengrab of Salman Khan from the teaser of 'Sultan'

6. Most of the movie was shot on location.
While most of the scenes were shot in the real locations, Salman explains it is difficult to do so due to security concerns.

"Its always better to shoot on real locations till its under control. No matter how much ever sets you create, real locations are different. But it is difficult to shoot in real locations... you need police security and all."

Here, check out Sultan's trailer:

Sultan is set to be released on Eid this year.


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