Saudi king expresses support for Egyptian president

No Arab or Muslim can tolerate any meddling in security and stability of Arab and Muslim Egypt, says King Abdullah.

Afp January 29, 2011


Saudi King Abdullah has expressed his support for embattled President Hosni Mubarak and slammed those "tampering" with Egypt's security and stability, state news agency SPA reported on Saturday.

The Saudi ruler, in Morocco recovering from back surgery performed in the United States, telephoned Mubarak early Saturday, the report said.

During the conversation, Abdullah condemned "intruders" he said were "tampering with Egypt's security and stability ... in the name of freedom of expression."

Saudi Arabia, he added, "stands with all its means with the government and people of Egypt."

SPA said Mubarak had responded by assuring King Abdullah that "the situation is stable (in Egypt) ... and what the world has seen is nothing more than an attempt by some ... suspicious groups which do not want stability and security for Egyptians."

"No Arab or Muslim can tolerate any meddling in the security and stability of Arab and Muslim Egypt by those who infiltrated the people in the name of freedom of expression, exploiting it to inject their destructive hatred," SPA quoted King Abdullah as saying.

Thousands of anti-regime demonstrators poured onto Cairo's streets again Saturday as massive protests against the rule of Mubarak raged into a fifth straight day.

The 82-year-old Egyptian leader in a television address early Saturday said he would replace his cabinet and vowed economic and political reforms in the world's most populous Arab nation, but showed no sign of easing his decades-old grip on power.


Swiss Banker | 10 years ago | Reply It is said that even a leaf on a tree will not move unless given Allah's permission? 'A million men march' is surely God's will, then ? Let us please welcome Mubarak to the Arabia. Thank you King, for welcoming Mubarak & company.
Realist | 10 years ago | Reply If Mubarak had taken care of his country like the House of Saud has, he would not be facing this today. Egyptians got fed up with police brutality and Government inability to solve unemployment, out of control inflation and other economic and social problems. Saying that they are going through all that only for an idiotic system called democracy (hey we have Zardari as president due to democracy) is oversimplifying the issue. Since House of Saud and most of other Arab monarchies have actually taken care of their own lands as good rulers providing their people with necessities and keeping them happy, nothing like Egypt or Tunisia is going to happen there. King Abdullah should be able to see that Mubarak's incompetence brought this upon himself.
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