MQM lawmaker declines to lead Fateha for Taseer

Published: January 29, 2011
Lawmakers in Senate stood divided over the issue of offering fateha for a deceased person.

Lawmakers in Senate stood divided over the issue of offering fateha for a deceased person.

ISLAMABAD: Polarisation on religious issues again became visible at the highest level when lawmakers in Senate stood divided over the issue of offering fateha for a deceased person.

When Senator Abdul Khaliq Pirzada of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) was asked to lead the prayers for the soul of the assassinated governor of Punjab, Salmaan Taseer, he flatly refused.

A parliamentarian later termed the incident an “abhorrent aberration” in the country’s parliamentary history.

The prayers were requested by Senator Nilofar Bakhtiar of the PML-Q, who requested chairman Senate Farooq H Naek that the house should offer prayers for the late governor’s departed soul. She also urged the upper house of parliament to pass a resolution to condemn elements supporting Taseer’s killer.

Offering prayers for persons of national repute is a routine matter.

After the MQM lawmaker refused to lead the prayers, the Senate chairman himself led the prayers to avoid further controversy.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 29th, 2011.

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Reader Comments (28)

  • Jan 29, 2011 - 8:05AM

    More on this please, like why did he refuse. Your newspiece is not very clear to this blogger. It is nebulous. Sorry!. Salams for 2011.Recommend

  • muhammad faiz
    Jan 29, 2011 - 9:57AM

    finally the propaganda is exposed.The real face is now shown.All the press conferences & talk shows can’t hide the fact that another of our self proclaimed liberal,secular political parties has a mentality similar to the taliban.
    I think the great leader should start his campaign of fighting Talibanization by weeding out the religious barbarians in his own party.Recommend

  • Jan 29, 2011 - 10:49AM

    But MQM did attended Taseer Funeral, there must be some other reason.Recommend

  • Pakistan One
    Jan 29, 2011 - 11:04AM

    “Offering prayers for persons of national repute is a routine matter” The question is was Taseer of national repute? I dont think so,Recommend

  • M M Malik
    Jan 29, 2011 - 11:07AM

    Allah makes his own decisions, He is not guided by our prayers. He listens to our prayers by his sheer grace.Recommend

  • Faria Syed
    Jan 29, 2011 - 12:20PM

    I am disgusted that one man can refuse to pray for another. This is shameful.Recommend

  • zaigham
    Jan 29, 2011 - 1:24PM

    This guy Khaliq Pirzada is typical tunnel vision molvi…
    I have seen him on tv a lot of times…
    I wonder why was he given a senate ticket?Recommend

  • Syed
    Jan 29, 2011 - 1:38PM

    Again ET is give half truths and not the full story !! Haider Abbas Rizvi later told that Pirzada’s refusal was a surprise act even for the party and against their official policy. They are referring this to central executive council for taking action against him. So stop telling half baked and distorted storiesRecommend

  • Jan 29, 2011 - 2:03PM

    Every Muslim, irrespective of his degree of LIBRALISM OR SECULARISM, has some SEEDS to love the Prophet (Peace & Harmony be Upon Him). It is not Talibanism to show decline towards the religious values. There must be some difference between Talibanisation and Love with our Holy Prophet.Recommend

  • Jan 29, 2011 - 2:26PM

    There is a difference between asking to “Lead” a prayer and offering a prayer. I believe Haider Abbas has clarified that this was a personal decision of the Senator and not a party policy. Recommend

  • Jan 29, 2011 - 2:35PM

    This is an EXTREMELY malicious and maligning post! E-Tribune management MUST take note of this and find out the reasons behind this attempt. Recommend

  • Jan 29, 2011 - 2:38PM

    The very polarisation of society is itself a media grown thing, and only media can tackle it best. Consensus of opinion on common issues must be formed, otherwise we’ll go spiralling down the path to revolt – nothing else !Recommend

  • asad
    Jan 29, 2011 - 2:54PM

    finally MQM did atleast one good thing……..Recommend

  • Jan 29, 2011 - 4:00PM

    FYI to all, there are certain religious outfits who doesn’t believe in offering “FATEHA KHWANI” . Hence it should be noted that any person should have religious independence to do it based on his personal beliefs, offcourse the political party cannot enforce anyone to put it behind.

    The fact of matter is MQM as a political party condemned the assassination of taseer and also they did attend Mr. Taseer funeral, this reporting doesn’t make enough sense, though it published in BBC urdu also to have some mirch masalaRecommend

  • Reader
    Jan 29, 2011 - 4:51PM

    @Faria Syed:
    Absolutely! Its abominable!Recommend

  • Yasir
    Jan 29, 2011 - 6:21PM

    Those that are condoning the murder of Salmaan Taseer might think themselves good muslims but one thing is certain; they are horrible human beings. Makes me feel ashamed of being a Pakistani.Recommend

  • Asad Noor Pugganwala
    Jan 29, 2011 - 7:32PM

    جانے کب کون کسے مار دے کافر کہہ کر
    شہر کا شہر مسلمان ہوا پھرتا ھے

    Being a Muslim it is so very shameful to learn what happened in the Senate.It is not that MQM is exposed even all the religious parties are exposed too. It is totally against the teachings of Islam. What are we trying to establish what we are, certainly not muslims that is for sure.Our religon teaches us to be peace ful and tolerent. MQM and all the religious parties are always on the look out to gain political milage they dont care about Islam and Pakistan. We want to practice Islam not the agenda of the mullah.Allah we seek your help and guidance.Recommend

  • Abbas Khan
    Jan 29, 2011 - 10:45PM

    Salman Taseer Shaheed does not need any Fatiha Khawani from hypocrats of his party or anyone else. He died for a cause and exposed many people. Millions attended Zia’s funeral and said Fatiha Khawani, but there were handfull people in Bhutto’s Janaza and everyone was afraid to say nice words about Bhutto. Now millions visit Bhutto’s Mazar but no one remebers Zia with nice words. Time will change and these hypocrats who are afraid to say Fatiha will soon be exploiting Taseer’s death.Recommend

  • Jan 30, 2011 - 1:19AM

    Inquired from sources and what I learned about this issue will get published in Tribune tomorrow where he clarified himself by saying that he was not with Wazu so he avoided this.Recommend

  • S A H gillani
    Jan 30, 2011 - 4:25AM
  • JButt
    Jan 30, 2011 - 9:14AM

    MQM has many barelvis in its ranks.Recommend

  • Tilsim
    Jan 30, 2011 - 4:41PM

    @ S A H gillani

    Thanks. Explains where the problem lies.Recommend

  • Majid Maqsood
    Jan 30, 2011 - 5:27PM

    It shows mqm is not moderate political force.Recommend

  • Jan 30, 2011 - 10:52PM

    Read this official clarification letter from Mr. Pirzada

  • Haseeb ur Rehman
    Jan 31, 2011 - 2:29AM

    I fully agree that Salman Taseer was not of National stature. He even was not of provincial level. may ALLAH forgive him and rest his soul in PEACE !@Pakistan One: Recommend

  • mnkhan
    Jan 31, 2011 - 6:48AM

    only a non muslim will refuse to say or lead fateha for an other muslim,” inqilab” zindabad.Recommend

  • Khalid
    Jan 31, 2011 - 5:27PM

    So Karachiites haven’t really come out of their Jamate Islami past. So much for the Secular Party.

    At the same time other so called secular or liberal parties like PPP are also blameable.

    Khalid Recommend

  • Asmat Jamal
    Feb 1, 2011 - 11:32AM

    MQM has covert understanding with the extremists and that is one reason that their processions and gatherings remained safe always and every time.Recommend

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