23 incredibly striking portraits from around the world

The World In Faces project started when a globetrotting photographer spent eight years on the road

Multimedia Desk June 01, 2016

Australian backpacker, Alexander Khimushin, along with his camera and backpack traveled to more than 80 countries over the duration of eight years to capture some of the most vivid portraits and incredible landscapes he came across throughout his journey.

Khimushin, 45, is now set to put together his project, 'The World In Faces' which will feature a collection of some of the most captivating portraits.

His beautiful series of photographs boasts portraits of women, children and men wearing intricate beaded jewelery and practicing ancient traditions.

Here we look at 23 striking pictures from the photographer's collection.

A Mongolian nomad man from Tavan Bogd wears a beautifully crafted blue coat with bells.

An elderly Nyangatom tribe woman wears a heavy beaded necklace, one she has likely worn her whole life.

A Kaqchikel Maya girl from the Solola district of Guatemala.

A Djibouti girl smiles for the camera in Africa.

A man wearing a navy blue blazer and deep wrinkles in his face has a traditional brown fez to represent his unique Moroccan heritage.

A Xhosa Woman smoking a pipe and wearing a green and blue blanket and a brown wool turban shows the similarities and differences of the 'ethnic minorities'.

A Meitei elder is getting ready to perform Jagoi in North-East Indian State of Manipur.

A woman wearing a patterened crocheted collar.

A Japanese woman wears a pink kimono in Todaiji Temple.

A Samoan boy from the Savaii Island wears a palm frond as a coat.

This photo of a young Afar woman was taken in Afar region in Ethiopia. However due to globalisation, economic hardship, wars, racism and religious discrimination, many of people such as this woman are 'living on the edge of extinction'.

A Buryat man stands for a photograph before a ritual takes place.

A Hughnan girl in a traditional cap and dress wears wool in her plaits in the Pamir Mountains known as the 'Roof of the World'.

An elderly man from Tajikstan's Pamirs people.

A Wakhi woman dressed in a brightly coloured red garment, marked with a myriad of patterns and textures represents the inhabitants of the Wakhan Corridor in northeastern Afghanistan.

A little Maya girl in Guatemala is seen in full Mayan clothing. She wears a rainbow beaded necklace and many intricate multi-coloured cotton cloths.

A Daasanach tribe girl wearing an animal fur top and a necklace of a range of red, blue and black beads carries a package on her head.

A Hamer tribe woman coloured in a deep brown ochre with shells around her neck.

Smiling in a rainbow coloured headdress and brightly patterned smock a K'iche' Maya Man poses for a photograph.

The Rajastani Man has a unique moustache and brightly coloured turban.

A Mursi Tribe girl photographed in Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

A woman wearing a unique navy blue hat in Ladakhi .

A Somali man from Hargeisa wears a blue shirt and fez with intricate designs on it.


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Eliza Strode | 5 years ago | Reply The photo captioned "A woman wearing a patterned crocheted collar" is in fact an indigenous Maya Mam man from Todos Santos Cuchumatán, Huehuetenango, Guatemala wearing the traditional trajé from that village.
ali zaidi | 5 years ago | Reply The Kalash tribe was missing from these pics!!!
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