Honour killing: Father kills daughter, her beloved

Locals say Shakil did not have high moral standards; was a thief

Riaz Ahmad May 19, 2016
Locals say Shakil did not have high moral standards; was a thief. PHOTO: AFP

PESHAWAR: A man killed his 16-year-old daughter Nosheen and her alleged lover Shakil in a suspected case of honour killing in Dir Colony within the jurisdiction of Yakatoot police station in Peshawar on Thursday.

The mother of Nosheen, Gul Bibi registered an FIR with Yakatoot police station, stating her daughter Nosheen had eloped with Shakil.

“We noticed she had eloped after we found she was missing from the house,” Gul Bibi said. She added they searched for her and found her, along with Shakil, at a house in Jamil Chowk the city.  “We went there and convinced Nosheen to come home,” Gul Bibi stated in the FIR, adding they brought her back to the house in a rickshaw.

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“The boy followed us to Dir Colony but when my husband Nasarullah saw him, he killed the boy with his TT pistol in an act of fury,” she said.

Gul Bibi said when her daughter was informed that her alleged lover had been killed, she tried to escape from the house and ran towards her grandmother’s house. However, “Nasarullah followed her there and killed her without mercy,” she added.

Locals told The Express Tribune Nosheen and Shakil had eloped but were brought back by the girl’s family on the promise that their marriage would be arranged. However, once they were back in Dir Colony, Nasarullah opened fire on Shakil and then chased and killed his daughter who tried to run away to a relative’s house to save her life.

According to locals, Nasarullah was a resident of Bajaur Agency but had lived in Dir Colony all his life. He was a taxi driver by profession.

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One of the neighbours told The Express Tribune, “Shakil was not of a good character and he tried to enter Nosheen’s house thrice but was caught red handed.”

They neighbour also said the boy and girl had probably decided to elope when the girl’s father refused to marry them.

Yakatoot DSP Shaukat Ali told The Express Tribune the father of the girl, Nasarullah, was the man responsible for both deaths. “He first shot the boy Shakil and then killed his daughter who tried to run away to save her life.” Ali added a TT pistol was used in the murder and empty cartridges had been found and seized.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 20th, 2016.


Shakeel Ahmad Khan | 5 years ago | Reply Nothing will happen to the murderer... Pak Judiciary is a joke... no justice gets served there. The entire system is corrupt, it takes 20-30 years to get a simple judgement. In fact that is why the Talibaan have become so popular in the northern areas, because of their promise of speedy justice which they were able to deliver. The murderer in this case will have flowers thrown on him by lawyers, the victims family will be pressured to "forgive" him, some blood money might be given but at the end of the day, nothing will happen to end this barbaric custom.
Eisha | 5 years ago | Reply So, this man is captured and is on trial right? Right?? Because I've read so many articles about stuff like this that happens and then when I search on it, it turns up that the criminal is still living his or her life in peace with nobody bothering him or her and it becomes just another article. Please tell me something has happened to this man, he's on trial, he's in jail, please, something, anything.
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