Will spend more on human development, once elected as PM: Imran

I will bring up the rights of Kashmiris on every forum, says PTI chief while addressing a rally in Muzaffarabad

News Desk May 18, 2016
Imran says, PM Nawaz thinks by announcing development of airports across the country will save him from Panama Leaks. AN EXPRESS NEWS SCREENGRAB

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has said once he became a prime minister, he would spend a large chunk of funds on human development in the country.

“Once elected as the prime minister of Pakistan, I will spend the most amount of funds on human development,” he said while addressing a rally in Muzaffarabad on Wednesday.

Imran also presented four key points, which he said, should be implemented to develop Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). He said according to his four points, including health and education sectors, must be improved for the prosperity of the country.

"I am aware of the difficulties that Kashmiris have been facing for years, and I assure you that unlike the incumbent prime minister [Nawaz Sharif], I will bring up the rights of Kashmiris on every forum," he said.

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Speaking about the basic rights of the people of AJK, the PTI chairman said, "I will talk about your rights on every international forum, including India."

With the help of Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry, Imran said, I will establish an accountability body which will launch probe against all corrupt officials, be it Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

"All institutions in AJK will be improved and made stronger." he said, while explaining that in order to purge AJK of corruption, its police force will have to be improved. "Once corruption is eradicated, there will be income and employment in this state."

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Addressing the National Assembly session earlier on Wednesday, Imran said, "Pakistan is the lowest on Human Development Index, yet instead of spending money on people, the government is spending it on mega projects.”

He did not miss the opportunity of taking a jibe at PM Nawaz and his recent political address in DI Khan with Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

"PM Nawaz thinks that by announcing the development of airports across the country will save him from Panama leaks probe, but he is wrong," adding, "He will be held accountable and he will have to resign."

Referring to Maulana Fazl as 'Maulana Diesel', PTI chief said, "Maulana Diesel is trying to save PM Nawaz, he is trying to save him from corruption charges."

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Moreover, he assured that men who harass women in the rallies will face severe consequences. Imran also announced that PTI rally in Faisalabad on Friday will break the record of all previous rallies.

"A 'tiger force' has been formed to protect women attending the Friday's rally and anyone who dares to come closer to our women will not be spared," he added.


Humza | 5 years ago | Reply @MOGUL: It is only a detriment to Imran Khan is he doesn't become PM but frankly, I am starting to think Imran Khan would be the worst thing to happen to Pakistan as PM. He has shown himself to be unsuited to the office by his behavior, language, constant u turns and silly dharnas. He was much better as a philanthropist but his temperament does not suit a PM who has to become a person who is willing to negotiate with all. Despite all his shortcomings, Nawaz Sharif comes ahead as the real PM who is not talking big but quietly getting the country back on track.
syed & syed | 5 years ago | Reply What is seen in KPK there is no chance of IK becoming Prime Minister. You did not say a word about power shortages , dams and Kala Bagh.. I am sure you will be the first to invite Fazal ur Rehman
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