I thought very carefully about entering motherhood: Aamina Sheikh

Model and actor opens up about motherhood, feminism and her future aspirations

Entertainment Desk April 28, 2016
Model and actor opens up about motherhood, career, feminism and future aspirations. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

After proving herself as a model and an actor, Aamina Sheikh is now ready to set an example as a mother.

In a recent interview with BBC Urdu, Aamina opened up about her new found glory: motherhood. The popular actor, who welcomed her baby girl Meissa along with her husband, actor Mohib Mirza, said her first child was carefully planned.

"I thought very carefully to enter into motherhood. You know all the conventional talks, 'Oh you are married now this will happen.' 'Oh you have a kid now so this will happen.' I abhor this mindset and it makes me take it as a challenge. I feel that I have to prove them wrong."

"I made this decision on the point where I felt that I have the understanding of the industry and I will have my own career path where I can proceed with my family and my offspring," she added.

Aamina further revealed that she broke the news of her pregnancy in the fifth month as she didn't want any unwanted advice.

"I took a break from work in the fifth month. Since then, I was on my own because I didn't need anyone else's influence. I didn't want people to tell me what to do, what not to do. It was a period of self discovery for me. And now since she is born, I see all those positive changes in her. She is such a calm baby," she said.

Aamina's inspiration for her daughter's name is a unique one. "There is a star named Meissa in the constellation Orion," revealed Aamina.

But that's not all! Apparently Aamina and Mohib are huge Game of Thrones fans, which also pushed them to name their daughter Meissa. "We are very fond of Game of Thrones. There's a character called Khaleesi, who is the mother of the dragons. When she becomes the queen, the whole world calls her Meissa. Whenever, she enters somewhere, crowd starts chanting Meissa! Meissa! So, that thing lasted in our minds, especially Mohib's," she further exclaimed.

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Talking about her comeback TV serial Pakeeza, Aamina revealed that she didn't want to take the role because there was nothing different about it.

"When I was in Chicago, Sultana Siddiqui approached me for this serial written by Bushra Ansari and directed by Misbah Khalid. I instantly had a feeling that I don't want to do this," she said.

"I was sure that it will do well because it was something that would up the ratings and something our masses want to see, especially women but I am tired of doing such roles as an actor."

"I had a feeling, it's the same stuff and I will be trapped again. You think a large part of this career is proving yourself as an actor but basically you are fulfilling someone else's dreams. So, Pakeeza is someone else's dream."

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A strong and determined woman, Aamina surprisingly refuses to identify herself as a feminist.

"I am not a feminist because I feel when you talk about gender differences they tend to multiply. And when you talk about similarities then you will just find similarities."

Talking about gender equality within her own family, Aamina said, "On certain things yes! We are equal in terms of work since we do the same work so we know what it entails."

"I think that there are differences in men and women and we respect each other's differences. I don't expect them to change for each other," she further said.

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On the work front, Aamina is currently shifting her focus towards films. "I am more focused towards films now and for that it's really important for me to prepare myself."

Aamina who was previously seen in non-commercial films such as Seedlings and Josh said she wants to explore the commercial side now. "I haven't proved myself in the commercial cinema as yet but I want to. So, I will do more mainstream films now," she said.

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