You have to try these 9 egg recipes for dinner

Because the egg is the world's most versatile ingredient

Sumayia Asif April 26, 2016
PHOTO: bonappetit

Pigeonholed as breakfast food, egg is in fact the world’s most versatile ingredient and the hero of many stellar dishes across the globe.

When you’re exhausted and hungry at the end of a long day, the thought of making dinner is even more taxing. But before you reach for your phone for a cheap local takeout, think of what you have stocked in your pantry at home. Preparing a delicious meal at home is easier than you think as long as you have eggs.

Eggs are the perfect choice for a quick, economical, delicious and nutritious dinner at home. From soufflé to a frittata, an egg salad or a simple omelette, the possibilities are endless.

Here are nine perfect egg dishes to try at home.

1) Egg salad

PHOTO: Jamie Oliver

“When they’re properly done, egg salads are out of this world. I’ve made a salad cream to ensure this old-school dish is top notch,” says British chef Jamie Oliver.

Here’s a recipe for one of his salads made with eggs, a variety of greens and a delicious salad cream, which makes a thoroughly satisfying dinner.

2) Frittata

PHOTO: bonappetit

An Italian egg dish, which is delectably healthy and super quick to prepare, frittata is a great choice for dinner. You can use up any chicken or vegetable leftovers, use mushrooms or greens and whatever else you fancy to prepare this dish.

Here are a few good recipes and tips for the perfect frittata.

3) The desi favourite; Khagina

PHOTO: food52/shayma

Boasting local flavours, Khagina is the go-to quick dinner in many households. Make it as spicy as you like, mix up the ingredients and have it with roti, naan, tortillas or your choice of bread. It never fails to satisfy.

Here’s a recipe for a quick Khagina.

4) Poached egg on toast with greens

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Poaching an egg is simpler than you think and the result is a perfectly smooth egg with a deliciously gooey centre that goes perfectly well with not just toast but nearly anything.

Find a super quick poached egg recipe here.

5) Mexican refried beans with egg

PHOTO: Jamie Oliver

Here's another variation of poached eggs paired with beans and cooked in Mexican spices. You can use any beans available for this recipe.

6) Dhaba-style Punjabi egg curry

PHOTO: indianhealthyrecipes

Infused with asian spices, this egg curry is as comforting as it sounds. Rich and flavoursome, this curry makes a quick and hearty meal.

7) The elevated egg sandwich

PHOTO: wholeandheavenlyoven

‘The creamier the better’ should be the rule for making a delicious egg sandwich. There are endless additions that can be made to an egg salad sandwich, add chilli or herbs, spinach or chicken or some other favourite ingredient to make your sandwich all the more satisfying.

Here’s an egg sandwich recipe you can switch up as you like.

8) Shakshuka

Shakshuka which is eggs baked atop a tangy tomato sauce commonly prepared in the Middle East and Northern Africa, is as fun to make as it is to say out loud and equally enjoyable. You can take the heat up or down a notch as you like.

Here's a must-try recipe for Shakshuka.

9) Mexican filled omelette

PHOTO: Jamie Oliver

You can really never go wrong with an omelette. Humble, fulfilling and always appreciated, we all have our favourite recipes for an omelette. Here's another one to add to your culinary repertoire.