Saudi deputy crown prince backs women driving

Despite his eagerness to work towards more freedom for women, the prince says the process will take time

News Desk April 23, 2016

Saudi Arabia's Deputy Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman has indicated that he wants to lend more support to the cause of women empowerment in his country.

“We believe women have certain rights in Islam that they are yet to obtain,” he said in an interview on Thursday.

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The prince said he had no problem with the notion of women driving in the kingdom. In fact, he expressed having problems with those who distorted religion to suppress legitimate rights granted to them in Islam.

However, despite announcing his eagerness to invest in efforts towards more freedom for women, the prince said the process will take time. “I just want to remind the world that American women had to wait a long time to get their right to vote. So we need time.”

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Prince Mohammed acknowledged their importance and the position women held in Saudi society, “We look at citizens in general and women are half of this society. We want it to be a productive half.”

Many took to Twitter to welcome the efforts of the prince.

This story originally appeared on Arab News


syed & syed | 8 years ago | Reply When their were no vehicles women use to ride camels and horses or animal driven carts Centuries pastandis period of cars . What is un Islamic in driving a car or even trucks and Rickshaws..
lkhan | 8 years ago | Reply The deputy crown prince of KSA should realise we are in the 21st century, not the late 19th or early 20th... Women in the Islamic world have had their rights curtailed in many Islamic countries thanks to the Islam emanating from KSA. That all women should have their heads covered, not be able to drive, go to shopping malls at set times only and so on. Well for a start no wild horse could drag me to KSA for anything in the world. As a woman, I refuse to let the state dictate dress or whatever to me...
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