On Fatima Bhutto

May 04, 2010
On Fatima Bhutto

KARACHI: This is with reference to Ayesha Siddiqa’s article “Fact or fiction?” (May 2). The article is very thought provoking but what Fatima Bhutto has been saying for a long time against her aunt is only because she has been brainwashed by Benazir’s opponents and because she witnessed the tragic death of her father, Murtaza. Fatima is young, she has never witnessed cruel politics as my generation has.

The people of Pakistan loved Benazir despite many differences. Fatima Bhutto should realise this. She is now a mature lady and should understand the ground realities. In my opinion our agencies and the Pakistani establishment is also behind this. They are achieving their goal to malign the PPP and Benazir through Fatima Bhutto.


SadafFayyaz | 14 years ago | Reply "Fatima’s attempt at setting the record straight regarding her father is understandable, but her deriding the woman who led her party into power not through the bullet but by the ballot is not. This was what differentiated Benazir from Murtaza." NFP i guess very right he is
SadafFayyaz | 14 years ago | Reply Honestly speaking,, the book has more exaggeration, though written nicely.I am afraid NFparacha is very right...
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