Karachi tops Trudeau's global fan following on Facebook

Canadian premier takes to Facebook to thanks his two million fans

News Desk April 12, 2016

Sharing hugs, selfies and kind words with average people seems to have worked for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as he continues to gain popularity.

The number of likes on Trudeau's Facebook page reached a staggering two million on Monday and Karachi was among the eight cities worldwide to top his fan following.

In an ode to his two million fans and followers, Trudeau took to Facebook to celebrate with a short video showing which parts of the world all his Facebook likes were from.

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In a surprising revelation, Karachi was among eight cities with the highest number of likes on Trudeau’s page. Karachi ranked eight and was the only non-Canadian city on the list.

"I’m honoured that two million people around the world have now ‘liked’ my Facebook page. Thank you to all two million of you!" he wrote in a post on his page.

With 58% of likes from Canada, the remaining likes were from countries, including Australia, Brazil, Egypt, France, India and United Arab Emirates.

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Of the two million likes, 55% were women while 44% of them were men. Further, the video shows that 25 to 35 year olds were the largest group to like his page.

The two million likes on his page come from people speaking dozens of languages, including Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, Albanian and Vietnamese. The video also points out that 1,683 people speak English (pirate).

Excited Karachiites took to Twitter to rejoice.

But can you blame them? Optimistic and smiling, always available to snap a selfie with an adoring fan, Trudeau  governs with studied poise and self-assurance.

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From his swearing-in that was open to the public to international meetings in Davos or Manila, where he received a rock-star welcome and was tagged as a “hottie” politician on social media, to a televised one-on-one chat with 10 average Canadians, Trudeau has carefully cultivated his image.

Trudeau has also been seen rocking a sherwani, eating biryani, visiting a mosque, doing bhangra and even sent a heartwarming message on Nowruz.

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