Dialogue between Pakistan, India currently suspended, says Abdul Basit

We are aware of those who seek to create unrest and destabilise Pakistan, says high commissioner in New Delhi

News Desk April 07, 2016
Pakistan High Commissioner to India addressing a press conference in New Delhi on April 7, 2016. PHOTO: TWITTER/ANINEWS

Pakistani High Commissioner to New Delhi has said peace process between Pakistan and India is suspended at present, terming the arrest of Indian spy proof of the country’s long-held stance regarding terrorism.

“As far as I know there is no meeting scheduled between foreign secretaries [of the two countries] yet,” Abdul Basit said, while addressing an event at the Foreign Correspondents Club of South Asia in New Delhi.

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Basit said the recent arrest of Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav irrefutably corroborated what Pakistan had been saying all along, ANI News reported.

“We all are aware of those who seek to create unrest in Pakistan and destabilise the country,” the HC said adding, “They're bound to fail as the people of Pakistan are united to effectively counter anti-Pakistan subversive activities.”

The high commissioner highlighted authorities in Pakistan had arrested scores of terror operatives with foreign linkages, terming it disturbing.

Pakistan summons Indian envoy over 'RAW officer' nabbed in Balochistan

Regarding consular access to Yadav, he said Indian request was under consideration, but could not say when it would be granted.

Basit reiterated the Jammu and Kashmir dispute was the root cause of mutual distrust and other bilateral issues.

“Therefore, a fair and just resolution is a must and attempts to put it on backburner from our perspective will be counterproductive,” he said.

The diplomat argued there should not be any doubt that Pakistan wanted to have a normal and peaceful relationship with India.

'RAW officer' arrested in Balochistan

He, however, made it clear that Pakistan wanted these ties on the basis of sovereign equality and mutual interest, saying there was consensus on this in Pakistan.

Basit stressed the two sides needed to “engage uninterruptedly, comprehensively, and meaningfully.”

Referring to the 19th SAARC Summit that will be held in Islamabad in November this year, Basit said it will help create more synergies and win-win situations.


Defiant | 8 years ago | Reply @Vectra It's not Pakistan but India that has been desiring talks. Pak has nothing to gain from India. Indian politicians' big talk against Pak is only for domestic consumption. The whole world has seen the Indian approach: creating tensions on border by months of shelling killing civilians- forced to stop after Pak's continuous befitting rely; trying aggressively to isolate Pak globally (esp USA and China) but got opposite results; false flag inside jobs eg Pathankot but very poorly managed and getting exposed (the world paid zero attention anyway), and finally a serving RAW officer confessing and revealing Indian terrorism in Pakistan. The Pakistanis are absolutely against talks with a country that is bent upon hurting Pakistan since 14 August 1947. Most credit for Pak upper hand and India's weakest ever position goes to the current Indian govt and establishment. We thank them for making things so easy for us. Fully support no talks with India. Great going by Pak civil-military duo (the greatest worry for India).
hameed shaheen | 8 years ago | Reply Pakistan's High Commissioner to New Delhi Abdul Basit Khan has honestly analysed the core cause of suspension Pakistan, India talks at any level in near future; The world itself is very much observing that under the garb of talks India is staging every diabolic, destructive activities in Pakistan through its agents; The recent apprehending of its senior naval officer, the confirmed agent of its terrorist organization the RAW provides live proof to the diplomatic community of the globe about India's behind-the-curtain ill designs against Pakistan. We support the contention of our High Commissioner in taking off-the-table Pakistan, India talks for the time being. Indian intransigence over its Kashmir stance means that Dehli is not interested in peace; She in fact wants to keep Kashmir as dispute to initiate any major adventure against us Pakistan. if ever there is any country unbelievable, that is India. We as neighbor know her; There should be no doubt at all that strategically she is against Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, S Lanka and even against UAE; the present rapprochement betweenDelhi and bangladesh under husseina wajid is not truthful; husseini is revengeful against pakistan, therefore she fell into indian lap;Bengali Muslims too are aware of Indian designs in the region.
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