Unsuspecting targets: Tribesmen protest against drone strikes

More than 1,000 protesters staged the demonstration in Miranshah shouting slogans against the US and CIA.

Express January 22, 2011


Hundreds of tribesmen in the North Waziristan Agency rallied on Friday against US drone attacks, which they said are killing innocent people in tribal areas, witnesses said.

According to an AFP report, more than 1,000 protesters staged a demonstration in Miranshah, headquarters of the North Waziristan tribal agency, shouting slogans against the US and its Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which is basically responsible for the missile attacks.

‘Killer, killer, CIA killer’, ‘Stop drone attacks’ and ‘America’s friends are traitors’, shouted the crowd.

Addressing Friday’s rally, member of a local political committee Sarfraz Khan denounced the drone attacks and said: “The drone attacks are killing innocent people, including women and children. We will launch a ‘long march’ on to Islamabad in protest if these attacks do not stop.”

Last month, almost two dozen tribesmen staged a silent protest near the Parliament House in Islamabad. Protesters, most of whom were relatives of civilians killed or wounded in drone strikes in North Waziristan, warned that they will sue the US unless it agrees to pay adequate compensation for victims.

Later in December, a victim of an attack in North Waziristan announced he was taking legal action against US officials for killing a number of his relatives and rendering him disabled for life. Sadaullah Wazir, 17, said that three of his relatives had been killed – two cousins and an uncle – in a drone strike in September 2009. None had any links to any militant organisation, according to his grandfather and another cousin.

Shahzad Akbar is a lawyer seeking to represent Wazir in the suit. According to US officials, the CIA station chief had to leave Pakistan partly after being named by Wazir’s lawyer as a defendant in another suit he is bringing on behalf of another man from North Waziristan who says he lost one of his sons and a brother in a drone strike.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 22nd, 2011.


tayyab raza | 10 years ago | Reply these people need to protest against Pakistan army and last political government who give approval to Americans for these attacks because these are totally with permission of our government if they allow Indians for they also do it why u people are blaming CIA this is gifts of our military. and i also condemned the PM attitude who appose these attacks in front of media and give permission on on other hand. i am shocked to see our government behavior who says after every attack that we request american to stop it these attacks are increasing terrorism. common man you are a free nation and nuclear power. please act like them. dont enbarce our self in front of world....
mashiat-ur-rehman. | 10 years ago | Reply @Rohail: I being a civilized Pakistani totally support the drone attacks also at your home. you are also a terrorist. are you civilized ??? huh... a civilized person never support this illegal act. which law allows US to cross our country border. which law allows US to do that. what are charges on those innocents who killed by drones. where are the evidences to proof they were terrorist. If this is the way, why are the courts, layers and judges ??? so, if this is a way to punish a criminal to hit his home with his family, then why are the courts, law, rules and regulations. are you civilized? if this is the way, why you people oppose operation cleanup 1992?
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