Eight things to consider before purchasing a motorbike

Your guide to buying a perfect bike.

Shafaq Naveed April 01, 2016
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Choosing a motorbike should be a well thought out decision. You can’t just get up and suddenly decide to buy one – you have study it to see which one suits your requirements the most and talk to many people before finally purchasing it. So don’t rush into it – take your time and analyse your choices carefully – you don't want to be riding a bike that you are uncomfortable driving around. Here are some important factors you must consider before making that big purchase:

1. Think about the size of the bike

You should know the purpose of your bike. After defining the purpose you will be in a better position to select the size of the bike you require. If you need a bike to commute in the daily traffic then buying a small 70cc scooter is the best option, but if you need to ride in a rally then selecting a heavier sports bike or an off-road dirt bike is what you need!

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2. Consider the design of the bike

A sporty design bike might not be the best for you if you are going to commute with your family. But if you are a sports rider then you should go for a bike that has an aggressive leaned over riding position where the handlebars are below the rider's chest and feet are tucked behind the body.

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3. Engine performance

You cannot buy a motorbike without considering the performance of its engine. Motorcycle engines can range anywhere from 125 to over 2000 cc’s. The 350 cc and 500 cc engines are considered for serious biking. Whereas 150 cc engines are the best for bikers, who commute with family.

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4. Choose a bike that fits your body

Your physical size plays a major role in finding the bike that is right for you. Some bikes may simply be too tall for your feet to comfortably reach the pavement when stopped. Others may be too small. The best solution to this problem is to actually sit on a variety of motorcycles with different makes, designs and models and take a test ride on them.

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5. Parts and accessories

The best thing about owning a motorbike is that you can customise it to match your riding needs and your personality. There are endless opportunities to accessorise your new motorbike with different parts. Common accessories include a windscreen, backrest, custom exhaust, saddlebags, and highway bars. Opt for a bike for which accessories are easily available in the market.

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6. Fuel economy

Buy a bike that has an impressive fuel economy. With the rise in petrol prices, you must be sure to buy a bike that offers substantial savings in fuel consumption.

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7. Long term budget

Go for motorbikes that are good in terms of performance, mileage, safety, design, outlook and lastly feasible price ranges. If you are buying a bike for the first time, ask someone with experience for advice.

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8. Invest in safety gear

Once you invest in a bike, the most important thing to do is to invest in safety gear. A good quality helmet, jacket and gloves won’t cost much. Don’t ever compromise on safety.

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Hassan aslam | 5 years ago | Reply Well doing for an article yamaha. Talks about pretty everything we need to know. But the point is - most of the things mentioned in the articl arnt available in Pakistan :P I cnt find safety gear in reasonable price from lahore. Everybody is just too expensive. + please get us 150 +250cc engines atleast, via your Karachi plant. I own ybr G. But it is not enough for me to do my tours. I ignored suzuki's 150 in the same price for a 125. Give us something back in return now. Thankyou.
Ali Rizvi | 5 years ago | Reply Yamaha DT125 and DT175! Best two strokes trail bikes ever!
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