52% of Pakistanis believe media is source of awareness

Large percentage of Pakistanis in urban areas believe media has a positive impact on society states survey.

Ppi January 20, 2011


A survey conducted by Gilani Research Foundation, which carried out by Gallup Pakistan on Thursday revealed that more than half (52 per cent) of all Pakistanis consider media to be a source of awareness, while 29 per cent believed otherwise.

In the survey, a sample of men and women from across the country were asked the following question:

Some people believe that the media creates constructive awareness amongst the public through dramas, talk shows and other programs, while others are of the opinion that the media does not influence traditions, Life styles and beliefs. What is your point of view?

Fifty two per cent believed that media has a valuable effect on culture. Whereas,  29 per cent said that it left no impact on their lives. A considerable 19 per cent gave no comments because they were unsure.

The recent survey was carried out among a sample of 2,754 men and women in rural and urban areas of all four provinces of the country, during January 2011.

A detailed analysis of the survey showed that the responses were different in urban and rural areas. It showed that 59 per cent of urbanities were of the opinion that the media creates a positive impact on society where as, only 49 per cent of their rural counterparts believed the statement to be true.


Venky | 10 years ago | Reply I believe this study is true considering today many kids came out to streets to protest in favour of blashpemy law. My question is : Is the awareness created by Media is good for Pakistan? The truth is that sane voices are made silent for fear of life. Regards
Hunain | 10 years ago | Reply You want to know media, watch 'Wag the Dog' and you will see Robert Di Nero and Dustin Hoffman will show you the real side and power of this 'thing' !
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