Fixing the system: Khasadar, levies personnel barred from clerical jobs

Published: March 4, 2016
PHOTO: googleearth

PHOTO: googleearth


The FATA Secretariat has banned levies and khasadar personnel from working as clerical staff in the political administration offices.

This was stated in a notification issued by the law and order department of the FATA Secretariat on Wednesday.

As per the notification, there were reports of levies personnel working as clerical staff or computer operators in political administration offices of Fata, which is a clear violation of Federal Levies Force (Service) Rules, 2013.

The notification stated all political agents should relieve all levies personnel from their respective clerical duties and ask them to report to their assigned duties within a week. It added levies and khasadar personnel should submit a report in this regard to the FATA Secretariat.

A spokesperson of the FATA Secretariat told The Express Tribune the department will ensure the directive is implemented. “Those who have been hired to maintain law and order should perform it with zeal instead of [doing] other [things],” he said.

A large number of levies and khasadar force officers in Fata have been working in political administration offices for a long time in capacities other than maintaining law and order, locals complained.

In the past, various political administrations hired clerical staff in their respective offices and paid them from funds they generated on their own.

Technologically advanced

Levies force in Mohmand Agency have received motorbikes, wireless systems and LED torches to help patrol at night by the political administration. They were provided the equipment on Thursday.

Mohmand Political Agent Mehmood Aslam Wazir said the government wants to enhance the capability of the levies force.

“With the help of such equipment, our levies forces will be able to perform better than ever,” he said. He praised the levies forces for their sacrifices to restore peace in the agency. “The levies force is among those who have rendered many sacrifices to protect their homeland.”

Published in The Express Tribune, March 4th, 2016.

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