4 steps to get Kate Middleton's flawless blowdry

Here's how you can get Kate Middleton's famous "Chelsea Blowdry"

Life&Style March 04, 2016
Kate Middleton's famous "Chelsea Blowdry" in four easy steps PHOTO: FILE

If you've ever wondered how Kate Middleton's hair always looks so perfect, look no further.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has been getting her famous "Chelsea Blow Dry" from hairdresser Richard Ward, ever since she started dating Prince William in college.

In an exclusive hair tutorial with People Magazine, Kate's personal hairdresser shows us exactly how to achieve her signature blow dry.

"She's the same person that first came into the salon 10 years ago," Ward tells People.

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With tips on everything from drying hair (on low speed) to how to remove rollers, Ward offers step by step instructions that can be followed easily at home or at a salon.

While Kate has made the Chelsea Blow Dry (nicknamed by the UK press) famous, the blowout was actually a signature look at Ward's salon from before Kate became his customer."It's not just about Kate's hair – it is beautifully finished, frizz-free, shiny hair," says Ward. "It's a hairstyle that is well finished."

Step 1: Gently dry your roots at a low speed.

Your hair needs to be 75% to 80% wet before blow drying, which means you need to dry 20% of the hair.

Always use a hair dryer with a nozzle, which not only concentrates the heat but also takes the frizz away.


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"The mistake a lot of you make is that you shake the hair dryer at it too much and then it gets it frizzy," he said. Instead, gently dry your roots at a low speed, while lifting and heating the roots.

Step 2: Use a real bristle brush 


Richard Ward uses his "shine-angel" brushes, which he has designed himself. "It's very, very important to use a real bristle brush."

"With his shine-angel brush, the bristles lie flat, as the hair is pulled through, it sits on this barrel at exactly the same time, at exactly the same level that forces the cuticles to close and that will give you the tension you need and the best opportunity to get that Chelsea Blow Dry."


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Step 3: Make sure to use rollers


As you put the rollers in, you need to lift your hair up, to make the roll as tight as possible. "If you feel you're being too aggressive and pulling your hair too much, trust me you can't be," assures Ward.

"As I roll the hair up, I'm pulling it, pulling it," he explains.

Each section of hair needs to be individually rolled.


As you pull the roller out, make sure not to pull it, or yank at it. Instead, twist hair around your fingers when removing rollers.

Step 4: Lightly squirt hair spray around the hairline

After squirting the hair spray, blow dry on a low speed.

Make sure not to overload your hands with hair product. Only use a little to pat down any fly-away strands.

Voilà! The Chelsea Blow Dry is as simple as that!


Watch the video tutorial here:


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