7 things our cricket team is better at than playing cricket

Forget the good ol' days when we actually played hard, tooth and nail, to bring home the trophy

Entertainment Desk March 05, 2016
Forget the good ol' days when we actually played hard, tooth and nail, to bring home the trophy. PHOTO: FILE

Pakistan cricket team's painful (read: humiliating) defeat at the hands of Bangladesh and India amassed a general lack of faith in the team (and heavy backlash, as per usual) and prompted a justifiable question: Is there anything our team is actually good at?

It really didn't take long to figure out just how multitalented our team is at absolutely everything else other than cricket. Forget the ol' days when we actually played hard, tooth and nail, to bring home the trophy. Now, the focus seems to be more on commercial value than the sport itself.

Here are the seven things our team excels at doing other than what they are paid for:

1. Selfies

A no-brainer. Ahmad Shahzad, Shahid Afridi and Wahab Riaz, to name a few, love taking selfies any chance they get, whether it's with the team...

[fbpost link="https://www.facebook.com/thePSL/photos/pb.920340114699310.-2207520000.1456998834./996515403748447/?type=3&theater"]

or on a plane...

or at a local factory...

or even during early morning breakfast.

The team just can't get enough of themselves.

2. Match-fixing

No, it's not what you think. We mean marriage, of course (terrible pun, we admit).

The last few months have seen relatively new cricket members tying the knot while still at a young age, for example, Sarfraz Ahmed, Junaid Khan, Anwar Ali, Wahab Riaz and Ahmad Shahzad.

From selfie to wifey: Ahmad Shahzad ties the knot

Junaid Khan's wedding. SCREENGRAB

Anwar Ali's wedding. SCREENGRAB

Sarfraz Ahmed's wedding.PHOTO: PAKINFOS

Seems like the team doesn't want to miss catches.

3. Endorsing products/services

If the team displayed as much vigour and energy on the field as they do on-camera, we would definitely kick some serious ass. But then again, maybe they're better suited to do ads and by the looks of it, they definitely know a thing or two about acting.

Please don't miss the level of concentration on the field in these ads, which is always amiss on the actual field where scores matter.

4. Modelling

They may not be showstoppers on the field, but they can win any heart in a sherwani and turban.

Shoaib Malik modelling at Bridal Fashion Week

Shahid Afridi modeling his own men's wear collection. PHOTO: LATESTFASHIONPK

5. Dancing

Because their bhangra game is definitely stronger than anyone else's.

It starts slow but then it gets real as displayed by Umar Akmal.

Looks like Bollywood could use a new choreographer. Shiamak Davar, you've got competition.

6. Dubsmash

There's no doubt that our team loves Dubsmash, it's the only thing they take seriously. Remember the team's Dubsmash with Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza?

Well, here are a few more to serve as refreshers of their countless abilities.

Ahmad Shahzad gets a partner in crime to showcase off the field talents

Saeed Ajmal shows off his Dubsmash skills with Fakhr-e-Alam.

7. Social media

A few of our team members are pretty active on social media, giving fans an update of everything that's going on in their daily lives.

The King of Selfies, for one, is an avid Twitterati. He never misses a chance to tweet everything, literally.

And now it seems Instagram has also become a part of his 'Dear Diary' series.

... and Shoaib Malik isn't far behind

neither is Shahid Afridi.

Looking on the bright side, if any of our team members opt for a career change, they have abundant options.

But please spare us another round of torture.


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