John Newman shares 'dope' Nescafé Basement cover of his song

Published: March 1, 2016
Looks like Xulfi is working his magic at Nescafe Basement. PHOTO: FILE

Looks like Xulfi is working his magic at Nescafe Basement. PHOTO: FILE

There are countless covers of John Newman’s hit single, Love Me Again, but Nescafé Basement won the English singer over as he tweeted the Pakistani cover version of the song and called it ‘dope’.

Newman happened to chance upon Nescafé Basement’s version of his song and was left speechless. He immediately took to Twitter to share the music video and thank Pakistani singers for the phenomenal cover, saying, “THIS IS SOOO DOPE! THANK YOU!!”

Roxette shares Nescafe Basement cover of their song

Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, better known as Xulfi, was thrilled as he woke up to the news. Xulfi wrote on Facebook, “Don’t have any words to describe my feelings except WOW! Music has power to transcend boundaries and this just proves that, again. After Roxette shared our version of their song “The Look”, I didn’t know this can happen again.”

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Looks like Xulfi is working his magic at Nescafé Basement, the cover song features an ensemble cast of young girls, and people are going in a tizzy after its release.

Earlier, Swedish pop-rock duo Roxette shared the Pakistani music TV series cover version of their song She’s Got the Looks, and now John Newman has shared their song.

Not surprisingly, ever since the musician tweeted the song, people went into overdrive.

But it’s not just the fact that John Newman tweeted the video, the song itself has won people over.

Here’s the cover:

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Reader Comments (2)

  • immortal_solosist
    Mar 1, 2016 - 1:12PM

    Well deserved.

    Zulfqar Jabbar Khan and the Nes Cafe ladies deserve this.

    Wonderful. :) Recommend

  • Zahra Haroon
    Mar 1, 2016 - 3:41PM

    WOhoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Simply Brilliant!Recommend

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