6 reasons 'Bachaana' should be on your must-watch list

Published: February 26, 2016
Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza starrer bound to be the best entertainer of the year.

Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza starrer bound to be the best entertainer of the year.

KARACHI: It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Nasir Khan’s directorial Bachaana has all the elements that our film industry was craving for in its year-long quest for revival.

Shot in the picturesque location of Mauritius, the plot of Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza and Adeel Hashmi starrer will keep you hooked every single second. No exaggeration.

Sanam and Mohib weave their magic through comedy, romance and thrill without overshadowing each other’s acting prowess. Which makes it all the more difficult to say who has an edge over the other, but it definitely marks a great film debut for Sanam. Apart from these two, Adeel’s never-seen-before avatar took us by surprise.

We give you six reasons why you need to grab tickets to Bachaana, a film which is bound to be a blockbuster:

1. It’s not a typical story:

Recent releases have shown some done-to-death storylines; hence Bachaana is definitely a sight to sore eyes. With subtle hints of Bollywood, the film revolves around an Indian Muslim girl Alia (Sanam) who takes the help of a Pakistani taxi driver, Waqas aka Vicky (Mohib), in her quest to return home and no, it’s not a rip off of Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Alia tries to escape from her criminal husband Jahangir Rizvi aka J (Adeel). It’s not a typical boy-meets-girl story either, although they do fall in love after the dramatic chase and hunt episode.

2. It’s not your regular dose of slapstick comedy:

Sanam and Mohib showed their knack for comedy with pitch perfect timing. Their one-liners left audience in splits on most occasions as the duo added a dash of humour in intense situations.

Pakistani film ‘Bachaana’ to release in India

3. It tends to break Indo-Pak barriers:

For once, a film projects both Pakistan and India in a positive light. It tends to break preconceived notions by realising each other’s common grounds. The makers maintain decency in Sanam’s character as an Indian girl and at the same time show her respect towards Pakistanis as she explores more about Mohib’s character.

For instance, when Vicky asks Alia why he should help her? She says, “Kyun ke tum Pakistani ho aur Pakistani larkay, larkiyon ko akela nahi chhortey.”

In another interesting scene, Alia claims that she is Shahid Afridi’s fan, not Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s. And who can forget Vicky’s heoric line, “Larki Pakistani ho ya Hindustani, larki larki hoti hai.”

4. It sets an example for girl power:

Bachaana defies clichéd gender roles. Alia is not a damsel-in-distress dependent on Vicky to save her life. She marks her presence in every scene with equal, and at times more, action. She is smart, knows how to defend herself and is everything a modern-day girl can relate to.

‘Bachaana’ lifts the mood in Lahore

5. It marks Adeel Hashmi’s comeback

Although, he continues to tickle our funny bone in TV commercials, the actor has been missing from serials and films for some time now. It was good to see him make a comeback with Bachaana, but it was quite surprising to see him in a negative role.

Adeel took a break from his signature comic avatar and our hearts ached to accept him as the evil J. It might take some time to recover now.

6. Above all, it’s NOT a drag!

If you weren’t convinced so far, this alone should be reason enough to watch the film. It’s a good entertainment package that wraps up a long story in almost two hours. With three tracks and good cinematography, the film maintains its plot with predictable yet unpredictable twists and turns without dragging it.

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Bachaana is a family entertainment film and it is worth every penny you pay. The film easily qualifies to top the race of best entertainer of the year.


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