Khasadar attacks in Mohmand: Jirgas reminded of collective responsibility

Published: February 26, 2016


SHABQADAR: The Mohmand Agency political administration and security forces are reaching out to jirgas after attacks on khasadar personnel killed at least nine men on February 17. A night curfew is still in place in the agency, closing roads and requiring locals to remain indoors.

Ekka Ghund and Haleemzai jirgas convened separately to meet the administration and security forces. Under the Frontier Crimes Regulation, tribespeople are bound by collective responsibility to ensure their areas are kept safe and are not used for anti-state purposes.

Announcing its support for the government during a meeting in Ghallanai, the headquarters of Mohmand Agency, Haleemzai elders assured the government of full cooperation. The jirga was addressed by tribal elders Malik Amir Nawaz, Malik Sahib Dad, Malik Aurangzeb and others.

Whistleblower protection?

Mohmand Political Agent Mehmood Aslam Khan said it was the collective responsibility of tribespeople to keep a lookout for anti-state elements after terrorist attacks on khasadar officials. He stressed on tribal leaders to help the administration bring peace in their areas. Elders should inform authorities of any suspicious movement, Mehmood Aslam said. The political agent assured the source of the tip would remain anonymous.

“This is our land and its safety is our prime responsibility,” stressed Mehmood Aslam. He asked the tribespeople to cooperate with security forces otherwise action would be taken under the collective responsibility clause of the FCR against acts of terror.

The elders reiterated they supported the political administration and security forces. They stressed no terrorist was a friend and the tribespeople would never allow any anti-state activity in their area.

At the jirga held in Ekka Ghund, political administration official Naveed Akbar asked Burhan Khel and Essa Khel tribes to act against all miscreants on their land. The elders again assured full support.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 26th, 2016.

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