10 fantastically easy ways to keep your hair healthy

Say no to bad hair days!

Moeen Zuberi February 16, 2010

Sick of waves that don’t behave? Well, having a good hair everyday is not possible. It is a myth. Bad hair days are a part of life. But we ain’t up for a bad hair life! So to prevent bad hair days from ruining your mood here are some tips to help you mind your mane!

Tips such as:

1. Brush your hair twice a day

Brushing your hair twice a day for a maximum of two minutes helps stimulate blood circulation in your hair and helps spread essential oils evenly through your hair.

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2. Trim your hair regularly

Regular hair cuts will not only make your hair grow out faster but it will prevent your hair from breakage and split ends.

Source: thehairstylepictures.com

3. Dry your hair carefully

Blow drying your hair can be beneficial if done correctly from a distance and at a cool setting. So be sure to tell that rushed hair dresser to take it easy!

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4. Avoid touching your hair

Touching your hair too often can cause your hair to break more and cause it to frizz too. Being to handsy with your hair can steal away essential oils from your hair.

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5. Use natural products

Using home made items such as eggs and honey which are very beneficial to your hair. Eggs contain bacteria killing enzymes which clean your hair and remove impurities and surface dirt, and will leave your hair shining.

Source: olwomen.com

6. Avoid hot showers

Hot water will dry out your hair and create tangles that could result in breakage.

Source: reducetheuse.wordpress.com

7.  Use scientifically proven shampoo and conditioner

Conditioning not only protects your hair, adds shine and increases growth, but it also prevents breakage and damage to the internal hair shaft. Make sure, however, to use scientifically proven shampoos and conditioners because you are most likely to get the best results with the ones that have been tested especially to suit your hair type.

Source: www.beautylish.com

8. Match your shampoo with your conditioner

Be sure that your shampoo and conditioner complement each other, and are, preferably, from the same brand because they are catered to provide a whole regimen in the solution made specifically for your hair type!

Source: time.mk

9. Don’t wear pony tails too tight

Wearing your ponytail too tight or in the same position daily may cause damage to your hair.

Source: Youne.com

10. A proper diet

Foods like salmon, avocado, walnuts, sweet potatoes, eggs, greek yogurt and blueberries deliver essential nutrition for healthy hair and skin. Double whammy!

Source: nritribune.com


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