Sonakshi Sinha shuts down guy who wanted to see her in a bikini

Sonakshi Sinha does not mess around on Twitter. One guy found out the hard way.

Entertainment Desk February 09, 2016
Bollywood actor asks followers to troll the woman. PHOTO: FILE

Sonakshi Sinha does not mess around on Twitter. One guy found out the hard way.

It all started when Sonakshi held an ask-me-anything session on Twitter and one user unabashedly asked her when she would wear a bikini to show her 'curves'. Enraged, the Bollywood actor gave him a piece of her mind.

Bollywood actresses speak up against cyber bullies

As expected, Mr Goyal shrunk back into his hole -- something Sonakshi called him out for in a later tweet. But it didn't end there as another Twitter user Aditi Gupta caused Sonakshi more heartache by saying "all actresses sell their skin for money."


Sonakshi Sinha gets fat-shamed after calling India 'BAN-istan'

And although Sonakshi immediately expressed her disgust at the statement, it was her former co-star Varun who intervened and stepped in to speak on behalf of the Rowdy Rathore actor.

He even asked his followers to shame the woman

Although it resulted in a lot of bashing for the woman, another woman called out Varun for cyber-bullying, prompting the actor to apologise for his behaviour.


Rationalist | 5 years ago | Reply The guy exemplifies typical Indian male. They act like unwanted pests, especially people from Central and South India. I have told Gujaratis, Marathis Tamil people to lay off and mind their own business but they keep coming back like hound dogs.
Karachi Guy | 5 years ago | Reply Kudos Sonaxi .You are gorgeous ,can act and hugely popular in both sides of the border . You dont need those cheap tactics . Respect
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