2016 PSL: Quetta beat Karachi by eight wickets

Published: February 6, 2016



Quetta Gladiators beat Karachi Kings by eight wicket in the fourth match of the inaugural Pakistan Super League (PSL) on Saturday at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

It was Quetta’s second consecutive win in the tournament.

Karachi came in to bat first and posted a total of 147-7 courtesy Ravi Bopara’s 40 from 29 deliveries.

In response, Quetta chased the target in 18 overs thanks to Ahmed Shehzad’s 71 and Luke Wright’s 47. Kevin Pietersen finished the match in style, hitting a six when scores were levelled.

Post-match presentation

Man of the match award went to Ahmed Shehzad for his score of 71 from 46 balls.

Ahmed Shehzad: “I want to thank the team members as well as the board for giving me the push to play such an innings. The key in cricket is to find gaps in the field and exploit for runs.”

Shoaib Malik: “I would like to give credit to Shehzad and Wright for their phenomenal performances. We hope to bounce back from this and make a successful come back in the tournament.”

Sarfraz Ahmed: “I would like to thank the bowlers for restricting the opposition to a target of 148 runs. That was a turning point in the match from my perspective.”

QUE 153-2 (18 overs)

SIX! Pietersen finishes with a magnificent six to end the match as Quetta wins by eight wickets.

Iftikhar Ahmed.

QUE 146-2 (17 overs)

SIX! Pietersen clears the rope.


QUE 138-2 (16 overs)

OUT! Imad Wasim takes a simple catch and Shehzad departs for 71.

FOUR! Shehzad hits another.

FOUR! Shehzad hits a boundary thanks to poor fielding.

Shakibal Hasan.

QUE 129-1 (15 overs)

Seven runs off the over.

Sohail Tanvir.

QUE 122-1 (14 overs)

FOUR! Kevin Pietersen hits a boundary through covers.

Muhammad Amir.

QUE 111-1 (13 overs)

FOUR! An awkward shot by Shehzad but it paid off.

SIX! Shehzad hits a big one to bring up his fifty.

Imad Wasim.

QUE 99-1 (12 overs)

Seven from the over.

Sohail Tanvir.

QUE 92-1 (11 overs)

OUT! Nauman Anwar catches a beauty. Luke Wright walks.

SIX! Wright smashes it straight down the ground.

Imad Wasim.

QUE 82-0 (10 overs)

SIX! Shehzad has gotten completely mental. Flies into the stands.

FOUR! Shehzad pulls to long on boundary.

Sohaib Malik.

QUE 68-0 (9 overs)

SIX! This time its Shehzad who places it into the stands.

SIX! Luke Wright smashes this one into the stands.

Shakibal Hasan.

QUE 52-0 (8 overs)

Five from the over.

Sohaib Malik.

QUE 46-0 (7 overs)

FOUR! The fielder tried to catch it but the ball hit the rope anyways.

Shakibal Hasan.

QUE 39-0 (6 overs)

SIX! Shehzad smashes a good flat six towards leg.

Sohail Tanvir into the attack.

QUE 29-0 (5 overs)

FOUR! Wright slices it to the boundary.

Muhammad Amir.

QUE 23-0 (4 overs)

FOUR! Luke Wright comes down the line to place one over cover fielder’s head.

Imad Wasim.

QUE 17-0 (3 overs)

Only three from the over.

Muhammad Amir joins the bowling attack.

QUE 14-0 (2 overs)

FOUR! Cut shot by Shehzad.

FOUR! Wright starts off with a boundary.

Shakibal Hasan into the action.

QUE 3-0 (1 over)

An appeal for leg before but umpire turns it down. Luke Wright survives a strong appeal.

Luke Wright and Ahmed Shehzad to open for Quetta.

Imad Wasim.

KHI 147-7 (20 overs)

RUN OUT! Another mix up and Imad Wasim walks off the pitch.

RUN OUT! Malik unable to get back to the other end.

FOUR! Malik continues to smash another towards long on.

OUT! Bopara is caught on midwicket.

FOUR! Bopara is aiming for a high total.

Anwar Ali to bowl the last over.

KHI 134-4 (19 overs)

FOUR! Malik aims for the boundary on leg. Fielder fails to stop it.

FOUR! Beautiful cover shot by Bopara.

Umar Gul to bowl the penultimate over.

KHI 122-4 (18 overs)

Eight from the over.

Anwar Ali.

KHI 114-4 (17 overs)

SIX! Malik smashes this one to long off.

Zulfiqar Babar.

KHI 103-4 (16 overs)

FOUR! Shoaib Malik places one magnificently.

Mohammad Nabi.

KHI 95-4 (15 overs)

FOUR! Inside edge towards fine leg.

FOUR! Bopara places one towards leg.

Umar Gul back into the action.

KHI 84-4 (14 overs)

Seven runs from the over.

Mohammad Nawaz.

KHI 77-4 (13 overs)

Five from the over.

Zulfiqar Babar.

KHI 72-4 (12 overs)

OUT! BOWLED! Shakib falls prey to the slow delivery.

FOUR! Shakib smashes one towards the leg.

Mohammad Nabi.

KHI 63-3 (11 overs)

Six runs off the over.

Mohammad Nawaz.

KHI 57-3 (10 overs)

STUMPED! Vince completely misses Nabi’s delivery.

Mohammad Nabi.

KHI 49-2 (9 overs)

Five from the over.

Mohammad Nawaz.

KHI 44-2 (8 overs)

FOUR! Vince walks down the line to smash one towards long on.

Mohammad Nabi to start with his off-break.

KHI 37-2 (7 overs)

Seven from the over.

Umar Gul.

KHI 30-2 (6 overs)

OUT! Simmons walks after being caught at long off.

Mohammad Nawaz bowls his first over.

KHI 29-1 (5 overs)

SIX! Vince smashes it out of the ground.

Umar Gul.

KHI 18-1 (4 overs)

Just two runs from the over. Finally, runs scored off Babar.

Dropped! First slip takes a nasty blow to the face. The medic is out there to help Akbar.

Zulfiqar Babar.

KHI 16-1 (3 overs)

SIX! Simmons smashes towards long on.

Anwar Ali 

KHI 5-1 (2 overs)

A maiden over by Babar. Last delivery just missed the leg stump.

Zulfiqar Babar joins the attack.

KHI 5-1 (1 over)

OUT! Nauman Anwar goes for the big one but is unfortunately caught by the fielder.

FOUR! Simmons misses the delivery but so does the keeper. Four byes.

Lendl Simmons and Nauman Anwar open the batting for Kings.

Anwar Ali to begin the attack.

Toss: Quetta wins the toss and decided to bowls first

Sarfraz Ahmed: Pitch is good and we will try to restrict the opposition. We are up against strong opposition.

Shoaib Malik: I don’t think the track will change much. We do have good all-rounders, but I don’t think we are the strongest team in the tournament.


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