Apple to develop iPhone that charges wirelessly

Published: January 30, 2016


Technology giant Apple Inc is working with partners in the United States, as well as Asia to develop wireless charging technology that could be made available for iPhones as soon as next year, individuals aware of the plans said.

Apple aims to introduce technology that would allow its iPhone and iPad users to charge their devices further away than the charging mats used with current smartphones.

Apple recalls wall plug adapters sold outside US

Further, people in the company who asked not to be identified, stated that the company is currently working towards eliminating technical barriers, including the loss of power over distance. However, whether or not the technology will be implemented is yet to be ascertained, Bloomberg reported.

The company in 2010, formed a patent application which put forward an idea of using Apple’s iMac as a hub for wireless recharging at a maximum distance of about one metre, by using near-field magnetic resonance.

A similar technique, known as induction is currently being used by Apple to charge its Watch within millimetres of a power source.

With China weakening, Apple turns to India

Apple on Thursday announced a recall of 12 years’ worth of wall plug adapters it sold outside the United States, warning of the risk of electric shock. The recall was sparked by the danger of the two-prong AC wall plug adapters breaking and shocking people who touch them, the California-based technology giant said in an online post.

Apple said that it was aware of 12 incidents worldwide involving the adapters.

The units targeted in the recall were designed for use in Argentina, Brazil, much of Europe, New Zealand and South Korea.

This article originally appeared on Bloomberg.

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