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Published: January 28, 2016
Hussain’s agenda is to market her collection online. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Hussain’s agenda is to market her collection online. PHOTO: PUBLICITY


As a number of designers continue to make great strides in the fashion spectacle, some budding entrepreneurs are making their way to the fore gradually, taking one step at a time. One such example is Mahin Hussain, an accessories designer who recently launched an E-store in an attempt to spread her wings on to a wider clientele. Speaking to The Express Tribune, Hussain spilled the beans on her store’s offerings, and two forthcoming collections for 2016.

Hussain first kicked off her career back in 2008 when she launched her debut bags collection. And once she had gained popularity as an established bag designer, she opted to launch an online store, albeit seven years later. Of her inspiration behind this step, she said, “I have a presence on social media forums such as Facebook and Instagram where I have a better fan following and viewership. So I thought going ahead with an E-store would be the perfect choice.”

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In addition to this, Hussain launched  an E-store because she believes her label works differently than other designer brands in the market. “These are not generic bags; instead, they are individual statement pieces,” explained Hussain. “They cater to a niche market and are meant for women who have a strong desire to carry them.”

The designer previously stocked her offerings at multi-brand stores around Karachi such as Ensemble and Fashion Pakistan Lounge (FPL). But after noticing that customers usually visit these stores to buy clothes and not accessories, she decided to change gears. “Most of my clients personally visit my studio, but for the last one year we had been contemplating an online store for our international customers,” shared Hussain.

Her leading marketing strategy is to market the merchandise through online shopping although the studio is located in Karachi, on Khyaban-e-Janbaz.

Handiwork on display: Support local crafters at The Crafter’s Expo 2015

Shedding light on her 2016 ventures, Hussain revealed she will be participating at Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) this April and unveiling a whole new collection in March in light of Pakistan Resolution Day. “I will be bringing forward a very patriotic feel and nationalistic spirit through this collection,” she said.

FPW will be Hussain’s first foray onto the ramp after two whole years. Expressing excitement about the fashion show, she stated, “Here, you will see bags and scarves alongside other accessories, which if worn, make one look edgy. It will be something completely different: simple to put on and cool to look at.”

Divulging details about her inspiration behind the Spring/Summer FPW collection, Hussain mentions it was purely personal. “There’s no inspiration as such. It’s entirely local and a very personal inspiration, holding some solid historical significance. But you will be re-living the era of 1980’s, once again.”

Published in The Express Tribune, January 29th,  2016.

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