EU warns Pakistan over migrant cooperation

Published: January 26, 2016


BRUSSELS: The European Union complained on Tuesday about difficulties in deporting migrants to Pakistan, warning it could take steps against Islamabad if it fails to comply with a deal on repatriations.

Struggling with its biggest flow of refugees since World War II, the EU persuaded Pakistan in November to restore a suspended agreement to facilitate the return of Pakistani illegal immigrants without documentation.

Pakistan was one of the top five countries of origin among the one million migrants who arrived in Europe last year, although most are considered economic migrants rather than refugees from conflict.

Pakistani migrant killed on Greek-Macedonian border as EU vows tighter security

“While discussions have been good and positive, we note that there are still difficulties with this readmission deal,” European Commission spokesperson Natasha Bertaud told a news briefing.

“The Commission is currently examining possible incentives — positive and negative — so that this accord is applied properly.”

In December Pakistan sent back at least 30 undocumented migrants that Greece was trying to repatriate after saying Greece had failed to provide adequate proof that they were Pakistani, a claim later disputed by the EU.

Pakistan sends back 30 deportees to Greece

Last year Islamabad temporarily suspended the repatriation agreement, citing its “blatant misuse” and saying member countries were not adequately checking the nationality of the deportees.

The deal was restored in November following a meeting between Pakistani officials and EU migration chief Dimitris Avramopoulos.

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Reader Comments (13)

  • Shuaib
    Jan 26, 2016 - 10:24PM

    Pakistan should not back down. The EU is deporting non-Pakistanis to Pakistan. I met a Libyan who was deported from the US to Pakistan? That makes no sense.

    I do not mind immigrants at ALL, but no one can deport people to country other than the person’s country of origin.Recommend

  • Jan 26, 2016 - 11:12PM

    Why they want to send people without legal documents to Pakistan ?Recommend

  • Ali
    Jan 26, 2016 - 11:13PM

    Who knows they are deporting syrains etc to Pakistan. Pakistan should strictly not allow them without verification.Recommend

  • Sodomite
    Jan 27, 2016 - 2:56AM

    Ch. Nisar is the person EU should send their warning. As far as I am concerned I don’t give a damn because I have nothing to do with it. Recommend

  • AD
    Jan 27, 2016 - 5:10AM

    Pakistan Heroism and stand is apprceciable
    However, this will hurt if EU takes some steps in sanctioning or reducing the visa to Pakistan Nationals
    Pakistan needs EU to sell its goods and not the other way round.Recommend

  • sharath chandra
    Jan 27, 2016 - 5:28AM

    The fact remains that Pakistan is still seen as a hopeless country by its own people and they go to other countries.Recommend

  • Akbar
    Jan 27, 2016 - 5:41AM

    What do you think Pakistani’s do when they arrive in Europe? They shred their Passports. They spend a fortune to reach Europe and don’t want to come back to Pakistan.
    EU officials try to figure out where they come from by means of communication.Recommend

  • SuperNeo
    Jan 27, 2016 - 6:37AM

    Good joke.
    Even by mistake no wants to deported back to Pakistan. Neither citizen’s.Recommend

  • allaisa
    Jan 27, 2016 - 7:00AM

    If Pakistan tries to not honor its commitments of receiving the refugees then European Union should withdraw special tax rebates it granted to Pakistani textiles and extend them to India and Bangladesh. It will effectively wipe out Pakistani textile industry for good.Recommend

  • confused
    Jan 27, 2016 - 7:32AM

    It’s shameful that Pakistanis have to flee to the West in search of basics like employment – it’s worse that Pakistan won’t even accept them back when they are deported. Shame on Nisar.Recommend

    Jan 27, 2016 - 9:59AM

    Many are leaving their country and families behind. SadRecommend

  • IndianDude
    Jan 27, 2016 - 10:02AM

    What does this mean? Even Pakistan doesn’t want any Pakistanis! How can you blame other country?Recommend

  • cocomo
    Jan 27, 2016 - 3:15PM

    They opened the flood gates for migrants, if they couldn’t cope with them they will send them around the world. No submission without proof of origin plz!Recommend

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