Pakistan expels Bangladesh diplomat as 'spy' row escalates

Published: January 6, 2016


DHAKA: Pakistani government has asked Bangladesh to withdraw one of its diplomats from Islamabad, Dhaka said Wednesday, in apparent retaliation after the expulsion of a Pakistani envoy who allegedly funded a suspected extremist on trial for espionage.

Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque said Pakistan had on Tuesday asked Dhaka to recall senior diplomat Moushumi Rahman from its high commission in Islamabad within 48 hours.

“The political counsellor and head of chancery in Islamabad has been given till Thursday to leave the country,” Haque told AFP.

Bangladesh upholds death sentence for top JI leader

On December 23, Pakistan recalled one of its diplomats from Bangladesh at Dhaka’s request, after she was alleged to have financed a suspected extremist accused of spying for Pakistan.

The secretary did not offer any reason for Pakistan’s decision to expel the diplomat, but experts believe it was a retaliatory move.

“It is unsurprising and of course a tit-for-tat measure by Islamabad,” Delwar Hossain, professor of International Relations at Dhaka University said.

Baseless charges: Pakistan recalls ‘harassed’ diplomat from Bangladesh

Idris Sheikh, a suspected member of the banned Jamayetul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), told a Dhaka court last month that he received 30,000 taka ($380) from Pakistani diplomat Farina Arshad, according to police detectives.

A formal statement dismissed these charges as “baseless”, adding: “an incessant and orchestrated media campaign was launched against her on spurious charges”.

Government and police have blamed the JMB for a recent spate of killings of foreigners and bomb attacks on shrines attended by minority Shias.

Pakistan recalls diplomat from Dhaka over ‘extremist link’

Relations between Bangladesh and Pakistan have soured lately after Islamabad strongly protested against the November execution of two opposition leaders for war crimes during the 1971 conflict with Pakistan.

On Wednesday, Bangladesh’s top court also upheld the death sentence on the chief of the country’s largest religious party for war crimes.

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  • thug Life
    Jan 6, 2016 - 7:39PM

    Time to throw off the Indian diplomats as well !!Recommend

  • salman
    Jan 6, 2016 - 8:16PM

    Good. Tit for tat. Recommend

  • Jan 6, 2016 - 11:02PM

    Diplomatic revenge Recommend

  • Syed
    Jan 6, 2016 - 11:35PM

    Finally someone has shown backbone to this wicked Hasinas govt….she is nothing but a female Trump.

    Should have done this long ago.

    Nothing against the people, its this Hasina character who is obsessed with Pakistan.Recommend

  • True
    Jan 7, 2016 - 2:45AM

    @thug Life:
    Honestly do so fast & so that we don’t medically treat anymore for free. And also for your so called artists. Time to show self respect. Recommend

  • brar
    Jan 7, 2016 - 5:38AM

    @Syed: Strange nothing against the Bangladesh people, had this been so Bangladesh would not have been born, we consider the Bengalis very sharp and you still have the same mind set, She has been elected by the Bangladeshi people.Recommend

  • brar
    Jan 7, 2016 - 5:48AM

    @Syed: Calling the PM of an other country wicked and female trump shows the level of thinking and feelings towards that Nation this is the reason why Banladesh was born learn to respect others if you want to e respected, you just hate her ecause she is the daughter of Seikh Mujib Rehman.Recommend

  • Fasen
    Jan 7, 2016 - 8:50AM

    Idiots are still playing tit for tat, can you be any immature… What if they were right.
    Need to be more responsible.Recommend

  • Malatesh
    Jan 7, 2016 - 9:13AM

    @thug Life:
    Yeah.. I’m also waiting for the day when Pakistan expel Indian diplomat and vice versa… What is the use of this kind of relationship.. Lets fight.. Recommend

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