Islamic State leader urges uprising in Saudi, attacks in Israel

Published: December 27, 2015
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, pictured in a propaganda video released on July 5, 2014, has released an audio recording pledging to attack Israel PHOTO: AFP

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, pictured in a propaganda video released on July 5, 2014, has released an audio recording pledging to attack Israel PHOTO: AFP

BEIRUT: Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the secretive leader of the Islamic State (IS) group, called for an uprising in Saudi Arabia and pledged to attack Israel, in an audio recording released Saturday and attributed to him.

The 24-minute recording would be Baghdadi’s first in seven months, during which IS has been dealt several blows in Iraq and Syria.

There was no way for AFP to authenticate that it was Baghdadi speaking, but the voice appeared to match previous recordings of him.

Islamic State threatens to attack Saudi Arabia for forming anti-terror coalition

And it was not clear when the recording was made, but it referred to a 34-nation anti-IS coalition announced by Saudi Arabia on December 15.

“They announced lately a coalition… falsely called ‘Islamic,’ and announced its goal is to fight the caliphate,” said the speaker in the recording circulating among pro-IS Twitter users.

“If this coalition were Islamic, it would have announced victory and aid to the people of Syria,” he said.

He called on Saudi citizens to “rise up against the apostate tyrants, and avenge your people in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen”.

Baghdadi regularly attacks the Saudi kingdom in his recordings.
In his last message, he accused Saudi rulers of launching an air campaign against Shia Huthi rebels in Yemen only to please the West.

Baghdadi also pledged to attack Israel, saying IS has “not forgotten Palestine for a single moment”.

IS sanctions removal of organs from living non-Muslim captive to save life of a Muslim

“And soon, soon with God’s permission, you will hear the footsteps of the mujahedeen… We are getting closer to you day by day,” he said.

The recording did not appear to be accompanied by multilingual transcripts, which has been in the case with other Baghdadi audio messages.

Baghdadi made his first and last public appearances in the summer of 2014 in the Iraqi city of Mosul, which IS holds.

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Reader Comments (10)

  • Salman
    Dec 27, 2015 - 1:07PM

    The “reference to Israel” was due to mounting pressure on him for last several month…. His ultimate goal is to do the uprising in Saudi Arabia which is set by his masters… The deal with Iran to reduce oil prices is also part of same goal…. WEST with ISIS is eyeing Saudi Arabia and want to bomb it the same way they did on SYRIA…..Recommend

  • Dec 27, 2015 - 1:33PM

    …devil worshipper, Allah is not with you… and your misguided followers are lost forever..Recommend

  • Point
    Dec 27, 2015 - 1:36PM

    after being pointed fingers the Israeli supported IS leader finally just said a few words regarding Israel. Never on earth will IS aka ISrael attack on its on land or people!!Recommend

  • Telh
    Dec 27, 2015 - 1:43PM

    Words are cheap. Baghdadi will probably not see the end of 2016.Recommend

  • Khan
    Dec 27, 2015 - 1:50PM

    israel will defend herself to the end. Israeli Forces are capable of crushing ISIS if they wish. Israel is not America because Israel won’t back away from a fight.Recommend

  • Iqbal
    Dec 27, 2015 - 2:32PM

    Thank you Jinnah.Recommend

  • Peace
    Dec 27, 2015 - 5:51PM

    Spoiled child rebelling against parents, how common.Recommend

  • Aslam
    Dec 27, 2015 - 9:31PM

    Irani puppet! Recommend

  • Maher
    Dec 27, 2015 - 11:55PM

    Neither they will uprise in Saudia nor they will attack Israel, coz these both countries are funding and masters behind ISIS.. SO just relax…Recommend

  • syed & syed
    Dec 28, 2015 - 2:18AM

    This man Baghdai is child of Israel US and Saudi collision. Now talking nonsense.Recommend

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