Just a wedding (II)

Nadir El-edroos April 30, 2010

LONDON: I couldn’t disagree more with Kamran Shahid. For instance how does he assume that Sania’s apparent unhappiness during her brief stay in Pakistan was because of what some extremists in India may have thought of her decision to marry a Pakistani cricketer. Also, to suggest that she is not Pakistan’s daughter-in-law would mean that this is something that she wanted.

We all know – or rather, should know – that she wanted none of that in any case. And if she didn’t then there is no reason for us really to get hurt about it. Then there is a point that Shoaib Malik is moving to Dubai and hence he is no longer our national hero. Where does he get that from? First of all Shoaib Malik hardly qualifies to be a national hero, especially after a one-year ban imposed on him by the Pakistan Cricket Board.

If patriotism is equivalent to residency in the country, then are members of the Pakistan armed forces who are deputed to Middle Eastern militaries traitors? The writer says that the media should be more responsible but in his article he acts in a manner quite contrary to that.


SAJRAAM | 13 years ago | Reply I just want to say that please please please leav and avoid Sania's wdding please forget that she is daughter-in-law of Pakistan. we should all focus on other issues, we should discuss on such topics or focus on such things which could remove many coming evils from our country. I am requesting to evrybody who get my msg please forget about that devastating things.............
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