Taking the fall for a general?

Editorial April 30, 2010

The joint investigation team looking into the assassination of Benazir Bhutto has heard quite a different version of events than that told to the UN commission. The city police officer at the time of the murder has now denied he ever received a phone call from the then head of Military Intelligence General Nadeem Ijaz, that he was ever issued instructions to hose down the site of the crime or that he did so for any reason other than his own ‘negligence’.

This version of events from Saud Aziz means that the much-touted investigation against a serving general is effectively over even before it really began. A day earlier, Gen. Ijaz had denied all charges against him, calling them “fabricated”. The question of what is fact and what is fiction becomes even more convoluted than before. Those close to CPO Aziz imply he has little choice but to be Gen. Ijaz’s fall guy. The pressure that would make a senior civilian officer take the blame so that a senior military officer gets off easy is all too understandable and only to be expected in a nation where the military has tended to dominate just about everything.

The major casualty in all this is, of course, the truth. It now seems even less likely that we will ever get to the bottom of what happened that day at Liaquat Bagh, and during the days that preceded the killing. The UN report had thrown up some interesting facts and touched on other angles that needed to be explored. But all that is unlikely to happen now with a civilian apparently taking the fall for a general. Those standing on the sidelines and observing all this will wonder who is telling the truth — the UN or General Ijaz and CPO Aziz?


Yasir | 12 years ago | Reply Going a step backwards has anyone thought why suddenly this pliable fact finding committee was formed right after the UN commission threw the name of General or Brigadier (I'm not even sure of what his rank was) around? Apparently Mr Gillani was given a 'dandaa' by the army high command to do so and absolve the Army of any link whatsoever with the murder of BB. Thats what we call nib it in the butt!
Shahid Raza | 12 years ago | Reply Editorial : Taking the fall for a General Of course we will never know who is telling the Truth. One believes what one wants to believe. Editorial analysis is not convincing.Unbiased answers to obvious questions are required. Does being :-
a General precludes any one from telling the truth, a Senior Police Officer precludes any one from owning up a wrong decision, a UN probe Committee precludes it from being biased, when the UN is dominated by US and Western interests bent upon discrediting Inter Services Intelligence and Pakistan Army, Do not drive a wedge between civilian population and Army just to cement the belief that they were responsible for BB's assassination.Some one may be watching and grab the opportunity to take advantage of our internal divide
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