8 videos that will convince you to avoid stores on Black Friday

Published: December 2, 2015
 It's not worth the trampling and stampede, seriously!

It's not worth the trampling and stampede, seriously!

Pakistan witnessed its first Black Friday this year when a handful of women went into a frenzy at Sapphire’s 50% off sale. The incident is proof of how lunacy knows no bounds and why you should avoid this maniacal day.

Yes, it feels great to buy things at half price or discounted rates. But is it worth the shoving, pushing, hair-pulling and yelling? Here are 10 videos to convince you to miss Black Friday next year.

Claws out: Women battle it out at Sapphire’s 50% sale

1. Of course, the fight at Sapphire had to make it to the top:

2. Khaadi was also victim to similar madness when their Winter collection hit stores last month:

This hysteria is seen world over — people go nuts grabbing everything and anything that they can get their hands on at cheaper rates.

3. Two men get into a heated fight:

Black Friday online shopping rivals stores: US survey

4. Stealing from a child. What a shame:


5. Tug of war!

6. Cat fight over a TV:

Black Friday – biggest sales event of the year

7. Sanity goes out the window:

8. Things at a mall get ugly:


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