School in Karachi targeted on result day, principal killed

Five children injured as unidentified men hurl hand grenades at school on result day.

Web Desk March 30, 2013
The school was targeted on result day. PHOTO: EXPRESS

KARACHI: A principal of a school in Baldia Ittehad Town of Karachi was killed and five children injured in a hand grenade attack on Saturday morning, reported Express News.

It was result day in the school and a large number of children were present when two men on a motorcycle came and hurled a hand grenade at the building, reported Express News correspondent Nadeem Ahmed.

The men barged into the school and hurled another hand grenade. They also opened fire inside the school.

The principal, Abdur Rasheed, was injured and was being shifted to a hospital when he succumbed to his injuries. He was a leader of Awami National Party (ANP) and was reportedly receiving threats over not paying extortion.

The injured children were shifted to the Civil hospital.

The law enforcement officials arrived at the site and vacated the school.


Tahira Iman | 8 years ago | Reply

Where are the young men of Pakistan? and why are THEY not in force in outrage to protect the women and children. If this happened in any part of the world the young men would not allow this to happen. If any young men out there can you please explain to me why do you allow this in your district, your city and your country. Why are you depending on your police, your military and how can you sleep at night knowing that you lack the courage to make this terror STOP!

here it is | 8 years ago | Reply

All of this is simply a reflection of the deep seeded "Pakistani Insecurity Complex." You like that term? I just coined it. Pakistani's think they need to rely on the Taliban because it's the enemy they know. They are unwilling to even give regional stability and economic development a chance. They are afraid of the future, insecure about their ability to evolve into a more vibrant society at peace with it's neighbors. So instead revert to the decades old Zia Ul Haq default policy of supporting extremism, militancy and other destabilizing forces. Like I said, I think this stems from a deep seeded cultural insecurity complex about Pakistan's history, it's present and it's potential future. The funny thing is, the Taliban are not the answer to Pakistan's problems. They only multiply all of them and weaken the states on every single front. Yeah maybe you'll trick a nation here or there into military aid but that's no where the costs associated.

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