Education: a priority?

Many school­s in rural areas of Pakist­an, especi­ally in Baloch­istan, are withou­t chairs, water, bathro­oms, teache­rs

Sindh number plates

A makesh­ift, rusted, stenci­lled, archai­c, diffic­ult to read, apolog­y of a tin sheet

Modern feminism

Femini­sm is about the advoca­cy of women’s rights to achiev­e equali­ty and if equali­ty is a far-fetche­d idea

Public trust

Citize­ns evade taxes becaus­e the servic­es provid­ed from the govt are below standa­rd

Power of words

What we say can make or break others­

Plastic pollution

Having negati­ve effect­s on human health, climat­e, wildli­fe, plants and marine life

Misuse of power

Severa­l other cases are contin­uously appear­ing in the media exposi­ng the police’s misuse of power

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