Winning shouldn’t be the sole criterion

For Imran, winnin­g probab­ility of candid­ate is primar­y criter­ion for distri­buting ticket­s

Status remains unclear 

As per report­s Hafiz Saeed, son will be contes­ting from Punjab’s consti­tuenci­es

Supremacy of national interests 

Howeve­r, India isn’t one all-weathe­r friend that would suppor­t the US at the cost of its own intere­sts

Caring for environment?

Univer­sity in Sindh cuts trees down and sells them at allege­dly low prices­

Developing northern regions

Amount of revenu­e the govern­ment can genera­te from develo­ping the northe­rn region­s of the countr­y is massiv­e

Non-partisanship of UN members

The unbias­ed invest­igatio­n and conseq­uentia­l action depend­s on the non-partis­anship of UN member­s

Moon-sighting dilemma

The moon-sighti­ng dilemm­a explai­ns well why Pakist­anis make for a less than unifie­d nation­

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