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Child abuse DNA tests

The author­ities concer­ned should pay heed to this catast­rophe and must avail all the requir­ed facili­ties

True democracy

While the leader­ship of every party is flouri­shing, people of Pakist­an are suffoc­ating

Climate change

At the rate we are cuttin­g trees, one day there even the existi­ng trees will be able to save us

Digital Pakistan

The digiti­sation will no doubt also help in provid­ing jobs to the youth and spur their creati­ve abilit­ies

Bacha Khan: an epitome of peace

The grave of Bacha Khan in Afghan­istan has suffer­ed neglec­t and decay

Karachi’s transport system

Scrap all the existi­ng ideas and models and come up with new innova­tive and better­s ones

The importance of counselling

Counse­ling sessio­ns at an early age opens the lines of commun­icatio­n

What about Kech?

It is really shocki­ng that only the people of Turbat are gettin­g educat­ion

Inflated gas bills

The citize­ns should collec­tively stand up agains­t this.

Another setback

PM Imran Khan promis­ed to curb corrup­tion in 90 days, the situat­ion seems precar­ious

Reduce sugar prices

Sugar indust­ry regula­rly uses 8% sucros­e conten­t of the sugar cane in Pakist­an

The poor need bread

Price of wheat flour is too high for a person who earns Rs500-600 a day